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Directory of Public Companies in Industry: Medical Equipment & Supplies

A complete commercial credit report with financial statements is available for every company listed below, and for more than 40,000 public companies in our worldwide data base. But don't take our word for it. Examine a typical commercial credit report for free. We're sure you will agree that the quality of our commercial credit report is second to none. Note: Light grey text indicates a business whose financial statements are not current.
Covering $49 trillion of revenue worldwide (World GDP is $70 trillion)

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1. 4-D Neuroimaging United States California
2. A&T Corporation Japan  
3. aap Implantate AG Germany  
4. Abaxis Inc United States California
5. Abbott Medical Optics, Inc. United States California
6. ABIOMED, Inc. United States Massachusetts
7. Abwicklungsgesellschaft Roesch AG Medizn Germany  
8. Accellent Inc United States Massachusetts
9. Acclarent, Inc. United States California
10. Accuray Incorporated United States California
11. Acrongenomics Inc. United Kingdom  
12. ACS Global Inc United States New Jersey
13. Actherm Inc. Taiwan  
14. AcuNetx Inc United States Colorado
15. Acuson Corporation   United States California
16. ADAC Laboratories   United States California
17. Admedus Ltd Australia  
18. Advanced Biomedical Technologies Inc United States New York
19. Advanced Mammography Sys.   United States Massachusetts
20. Advanced Micronic Devices Limited India  
21. Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, Inc. United States Texas
22. Advanced Refractive Technologies, Inc. United States California
23. Advanced Surgical Design & Manuf. Ltd Australia  
24. Advanced Technology Company Kuwait  
25. AdvanSource Biomaterials Corporation United States Massachusetts
26. Adventa Berhad Malaysia  
27. Aearo Co United States Indiana
28. Aearo Technologies Inc. United States Indiana
29. Aequitron Medical, Inc.   United States Minnesota
30. Aerocrine AB Sweden  
31. Aerogen, Inc. United States California
32. AFP Imaging Corp United States New York
33. Afriag PLC Isle of Man  
34. Aga Medical Holdings, Inc United States Minnesota
35. AHPC Holdings, Inc. United States Illinois
36. Airox France  
37. Aksys Ltd United States Illinois
38. ALARIS Medical Systems Inc. United States California
39. Alcon, Inc. United States Texas
40. Align Technology, Inc. United States California
41. aligna AG Germany  
42. All Grade Mining Inc United States New Jersey
43. Allegiance Corporation United States Illinois
44. Alliance UniChem plc UK  
45. Allied Healthcare Products Inc United States Missouri
46. Alliqua Inc United States Pennsylvania
47. Alma Lasers Ltd. Israel  
48. ALOKA CO., LTD. Japan  
49. Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. Canada  
50. Alphatec Holdings Inc United States California
51. ALR Technologies Inc United States Virginia
52. Alsius Corporation United States California
53. Altus Medical, Inc.   United States California
54. Ambu A/S Denmark  
55. Amedica Corporation United States Utah
56. American Biomed, Inc.   United States Oklahoma
57. American Medical Alert Corp. United States New York
58. American Medical Elctrncs   United States Texas
59. American Medical Systems Holdings, Inc. United States Minnesota
60. American Scientific Resources Inc United States Florida
61. American Shared Hospital Services United States California
62. American White Cross Inc.   United States Connecticut
63. Amplifon SpA Italy  
65. AMS Homecare Inc. Canada  
66. AMSCO International, Inc.   United States Pennsylvania
67. Analytica Limited Australia  
68. Ando Chemical Works Co., Ltd. Japan  
69. Andon Health Co Ltd China  
70. AngioDynamics, Inc. United States New York
71. Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Canada  
72. Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (USA) Canada  
73. Animalcare Group Plc United Kingdom  
74. Animas Corporation United States Pennsylvania
75. Annidis Corporation Canada  
76. Ansell Limited Australia  
77. Ansell Limited (ADR) Australia  
78. Antares Pharma Inc United States New Jersey
79. AorTech International plc United Kingdom  
80. Apex Medical Corporation Taiwan  
81. APL Industries Berhad Malaysia  
82. Apogee Technology, Inc. United States Massachusetts
83. Apogent Technologies Inc. United States New Hampshire
84. Applied Imaging Corp. United States California
85. Applied Medical Corp United States California
86. APS Technologies Limited Netherlands  
87. Arana Therapeutics Limited Australia  
88. Arbios Systems Inc United States New Jersey
89. Arcland Energy, Inc. United States Texas
90. Armavirskiy zavod rezin. izdeliy OAO (P) Russian Federation  
91. Arrhythmia Research Technology, Inc. United States Massachusetts
92. Arrow International, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
93. Arseus NV Belgium  
94. ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc. Canada  
95. Arterial Vascular Eng.   United States California
96. ArthroCare Corporation United States Texas
97. Artimplant AB Sweden  
98. Arts Optical International Holdings Ltd Hong Kong  
99. ASAHI INTECC CO., LTD. Japan  
100. Ascendx Spine United States Florida
101. Asclepion-Meditec AG Germany  
102. Aspect Medical Systems, Inc. United States Massachusetts
103. Astek Group Plc United Kingdom  
104. Astera SA France  
105. Asthmatx, Inc. United States California
106. Atcor Medical Holdings Limited Australia  
107. ATL Ultrasound, Inc.   United States Washington
108. AtmanCo Inc Canada  
109. AtriCure Inc. United States Ohio
110. Atrion Corporation United States Texas
111. Audika Groupe SA France  
112. Austofix Group Limited Australia  
113. Autonomous Technologies United States Florida
114. AVECOR Cardiovascular Inc   United States Minnesota
115. Avita Corporation Taiwan  
116. Avitar, Inc. United States Massachusetts
117. Avon Rubber plc United Kingdom  
118. Axon Instruments, Inc Australia  
119. Azwell Inc. Japan  
121. Bacou USA, Inc.   United States Rhode Island
122. Bacterin International Holdings Inc United States Montana
123. Baeta Corp. United States New Jersey
124. Ballard Medical Products   United States Texas
125. Bard Biopsy Systems United States Arizona
126. Bastide Le Confort Medical SA France  
127. Baumer SA Brazil  
128. Baumer SA (Parent) Brazil  
129. Bausch & Lomb Inc. United States New York
130. Baxano Surgical Inc United States North Carolina
131. Baxter International Inc. United States Illinois
132. Becton, Dickinson and Co. United States New Jersey
133. BEI Medical Systems Co.   United States New Jersey
134. Beijing Bohui Innovation Tech China  
135. BenQ Medical Technology Corp Taiwan  
136. Benson Eyecare Corp.   United States New York
137. Bio Gate AG Germany  
138. Bio Matrix Scientific Group Inc United States California
139. Bio-AMD Inc United Kingdom  
140. Bio-Dental Technologies   United States California
141. Bio-Lok International Inc United States Florida
142. Bio-Plexus, Inc.   United States Connecticut
143. BioCare Corporation Taiwan, Republic of China  
144. Biochem International   United States Wisconsin
145. Biocompatibles International plc United Kingdom  
146. Biodenta Corp Taiwan  
147. Bioelectronics Corp United States Maryland
148. BioForce Nanosciences Holdings, Inc. United States Iowa
149. BioForm Medical, Inc. United States California
150. BioHorizons, Inc. United States Alabama
151. Bioiasis AD Sofia Bulgaria  
152. Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. United States Oregon
153. BIOLASE Inc United States California
154. Biolight AB Sweden  
155. Biolin Scientific AB Sweden  
156. Biolitec AG Austria  
157. Biological Signal Processing Ltd. Israel  
158. Biomerica, Inc. United States California
159. Biomet Inc United States Indiana
160. Bionostics plc United States Massachusetts
161. Bionx Implants, Inc.   United States Pennsylvania
162. Biophan Technologies, Inc. United States New York
163. Bioplasty, Inc.   United States Minnesota
164. Biopsys Medical, Inc.   United States California
165. Bioptik Technology Inc Taiwan  
166. BioSafety Systems, Inc.   United States California
167. Biosearch Medical Prod.   United States New Jersey
168. Biosensors International Group Ltd Singapore  
169. Biosign Technologies Inc Canada  
170. Biospace Co Ltd South Korea  
171. Biospace Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
172. BioSphere Medical, Inc. United States Massachusetts
173. Biosynergy, Inc. United States Illinois
174. BioSyntech, Inc. Canada  
175. Biotage AB Sweden  
176. Biotech Medics Inc United States Texas
177. Biotel Inc. United States Minnesota
178. Bioteque Corporation Taiwan  
179. BioTrove, Inc. United States Massachusetts
180. Bird Medical Technologies   United States California
181. Birtcher Medical   United States California
182. Bluechiip Ltd Australia  
183. BodyTel Scientific, Inc. United States Nevada
184. Boston Scientific Corporation United States Massachusetts
185. Boule Diagnostics AB Sweden  
186. Bourgeois SA France  
187. Bouton Corp.   United States Connecticut
188. Bovie Medical Corporation United States Florida
189. BrightRock Gold Corp United States Florida
190. Broncus Medical, Inc. United States California
191. BSD Medical Corporation United States Utah
192. BSML Inc. United States Florida
193. C-Rad AB Sweden  
194. C.M.T. Medical Technologies LTD Israel  
195. C.R. Bard, Inc. United States New Jersey
196. CABG Medical, Inc. United States Minnesota
197. Cabot Medical Corporation   United States Pennsylvania
198. Caliber Imaging & Diagnostics Inc United States New York
199. Cambridge Heart, Inc. United States Massachusetts
200. Candela Corporation United States Massachusetts
201. Cantel Medical Corp. United States New Jersey
202. Capital Group Holdings Inc United States Arizona
203. CapRegen plc United Kingdom  
204. Cardiac Control Systems United States Florida
205. Cardiac Pathways Corp.   United States California
206. Cardiac Science Corporation United States Washington
207. Cardiac Science, Inc. United States California
208. Cardica, Inc. United States California
209. Cardio Control NV Netherlands  
210. CardioDynamics Int'l Corp United States California
211. CardioGenesis Corporation United States California
212. CardioGenesis Corporation (OLD)   United States California
213. CardioMEMS, Inc. United States Georgia
214. Cardiometrics, Inc.   United States California
215. CardioThoracic Systems   United States California
216. Cardiovascular Imaging   United States California
217. Cardiovascular Systems Inc United States Minnesota
218. CareFusion Corporation United States California
219. Careplus Group Bhd Malaysia  
220. Careside, Inc   United States California
221. Caring Products Int'l Inc. (OLD) United States Arizona
222. Carl Zeiss Meditec AG Germany  
223. Carmat SA France  
224. CAS Medical Systems Inc United States Connecticut
225. CathRx Limited Australia  
226. CCS Medical Holdings, Inc. United States Texas
227. Cell Kinetics Ltd Israel  
228. Cell Robotics International Inc. United States New Mexico
229. CellaVision AB Sweden  
230. CellMetrix, Inc.   United States New York
231. Centerpulse Ltd. Switzerland  
232. Centerpulse Ltd. (ADR) Switzerland  
233. Central Uni Co., Ltd. Japan  
234. Ceragenix Pharmaceuticals Inc United States Colorado
235. Certified Diabetic Services Inc. United States Florida
236. CHAD Therapeutics, Inc. United States Florida
237. CHC Healthcare Group Taiwan  
238. Chemiglass South Korea  
239. Chemipal Ltd. Israel  
240. Chemtrak Inc. United States California
241. China Kanghui Holdings (ADR) China  
242. China Medical Technologies, Inc. (ADR) China  
243. China Medstar Limited China  
244. China Resources Wandong Medical Equipmnt China  
245. Cholestech Corporation United States California
246. Chromogenex plc United Kingdom  
247. Cientifica PLC United Kingdom  
248. Circadian, Inc.   United States California
249. Circon Corporation   United States California
250. Clearstream Technologies Group Plc Ireland  
251. CLI Liquidating Corp United States California
252. Clinical Laserthermia Systems AB Sweden  
253. Closure Medical Corp. United States North Carolina
254. CMP Industries   United States New York
255. CNS Response, Inc. United States California
256. Cochlear Limited Australia  
257. Cohesion Technologies   United States California
258. Colin Corporation Japan  
259. Collagen Aesthetics, Inc.   United States California
260. Coloplast A/S Denmark  
261. Colorado MEDtech, Inc. United States Colorado
262. ColorMax Technology, Inc.   United States California
263. COLTENE Holding AG Switzerland  
264. Compex Technologies, Inc. United States Minnesota
265. Complete Care Medical Inc. United States Texas
266. CompuMed, Inc. United States California
267. Compumedics Limited Australia  
268. Computer Motion, Inc. United States California
269. Computerized Thermal Imaging, Inc. United States Utah
270. Concentric Medical, Inc. United States California
271. Conceptus, Inc. United States California
272. CONMED Corporation United States New York
273. Conor Medsystems, Inc. United States California
274. Consort Medical plc United Kingdom  
275. Continental Home Healthcare Ltd. United States California
276. Contour Medical, Inc.   United States Georgia
277. Cordis Corporation United States Florida
278. Corentec Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
279. Corin Group PLC United Kingdom  
280. Corneal Laboratories France  
281. Corvita Corporation   United States Florida
282. Covalon Technologies Ltd. Canada  
283. Covidien Holding Inc. United States Massachusetts
284. Covidien plc Ireland  
285. Cozart plc UK  
286. CPC of America, Inc. United States Nevada
287. CPX Corporation   United States New York
288. CREATE MEDIC CO.,LTD. Japan  
289. Cremer S.A. Brazil  
290. Cremer SA Brazil  
291. CRH Medical Corp Canada  
292. Criticare Systems, Inc. United States Wisconsin
293. Cross Medical Products   United States Ohio
294. CryoCath Technologies Inc. Canada  
295. CryoCor, Inc. United States California
296. Cryolife Inc United States Georgia
297. Cryonic Medical SA France  
298. CSI Minnesota, Inc. United States Minnesota
299. CTI Molecular Imaging, Inc. United States Tennessee
300. CU Medical Systems Inc (Parent) South Korea  
301. CUL 2 Inc. South Korea  
302. CUREXO INC. South Korea  
303. CUREXO INC. (Parent) South Korea  
304. Curon Medical, Inc. United States California
305. Current Technology Corporation Canada  
306. Customedix Corp.   United States Connecticut
307. CustomVis Plc Australia  
308. Cutera, Inc. United States California
309. CVSL Inc United States Texas
310. Cyberonics, Inc. United States Texas
311. CyBio AG Germany  
312. Cyclopharm Limited Australia  
313. Cygnus Inc. United States California
314. Cynosure, Inc. United States Massachusetts
315. CytoCore, Inc. United States Illinois
316. Cytori Therapeutics Inc. (USA) United States California
317. Cytosorbents Corp United States New Jersey
318. D. Medical Industries Ltd. Israel  
319. Daig Corporation   United States Minnesota
320. Daihan Scientific Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
321. Daiken Medical Co Ltd Japan  
322. Dalton Industries Inc United States Minnesota
323. Danameco Medical Joint Stock Corp Vietnam  
324. Darwin Medical Co., Ltd. Taiwan  
325. Daxor Corporation United States New York
326. DC Diagnosticare, Inc.   Canada  
327. Dehaier Medical Systems Ltd China  
328. Delcath Systems, Inc. United States New York
329. Delft Instruments NV Netherlands  
330. Deltex Medical Group plc United Kingdom  
331. Dental/Medical Diagnostic   United States California
332. DENTSPLY International Inc. United States Pennsylvania
333. Depuy, Inc. United States Indiana
334. Derma Sciences Inc United States New Jersey
335. Devax, Inc. United States California
336. DexCom, Inc. United States California
337. DGT Holdings corp United States New York
338. Diagnostic Medical Instr.   United States New York
339. Diagnostic Medical Systems (DMS) SA France  
340. Diagnostic Products Corporation United States California
341. Diapulse Corporation of America United States New York
342. DiaSys Corporation United States Connecticut
343. Digirad Corporation United States California
344. Dignitana AB Sweden  
345. Dio Corp South Korea  
346. Dio Corp (Parent) South Korea  
347. Diomed Holdings, Inc. United States Massachusetts
348. Dipped Products Ltd. Sri Lanka  
349. Disetronic Holding AG Switzerland  
350. DJO Finance LLC United States California
351. DJO Global Inc. United States California
352. Dr. Chip Biotechnology Inc. Taiwan  
353. Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Germany  
354. Draig Resources Ltd Australia  
355. DTI Dental Technologies Inc. Canada  
356. DVx Inc. Japan  
358. Dynatronics Corporation United States Utah
359. E for M Corporation   United States California
360. E-Z-EM, Inc. United States New York
361. EarlyDETECT Inc. United States California
362. Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc Canada  
363. EBM Technologies Incorporated Taiwan  
364. EBOS Group Ltd New Zealand  
365. Echo Therapeutics Inc United States Pennsylvania
366. EchoCath, Inc.   United States New Jersey
367. ECI, Inc. Japan  
368. Eckert & Ziegler AG Germany  
369. Eckert & Ziegler Bebig SA Belgium  
370. Edan Instruments Inc China  
371. EDAP TMS S.A. France  
372. EDAP TMS S.A. (ADR) France  
373. Edwards Lifesciences Corp United States California
374. El.En. SpA Italy  
375. Elbit Medical Technologies Ltd Israel  
376. Eldav Investments LTD. Israel  
377. Electrical Geodesics Inc United States Oregon
378. Electro-Catheter Corp.   United States New Jersey
379. Electromed, Inc. United States Minnesota
380. Elekta publ AB Sweden  
381. elexxion AG Germany  
383. Ellex Medical Lasers Limited Australia  
384. Elos AB Sweden  
385. Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. Israel  
386. Elron Electronic Industries Ltd.(USA) Israel  
387. Emphasys Medical, Inc. United States California
388. Empi, Inc. United States  
389. Encision Inc United States Colorado
390. Encore Medical Corporation United States California
391. Endocardial Solutions United States Minnesota
392. Endocare, Inc. United States California
393. Endologix, Inc. United States California
394. EndoSonics Corporation   United States California
395. EndoVascular Technologies   United States California
396. Endymed Ltd Israel  
397. Energy Finders Inc. United States Texas
398. Enpath Medical, Inc. United States Minnesota
399. Entelos, Inc. United States California
400. EnteroMedics Inc United States Minnesota
401. EOS Imaging SA France  
402. EP Global Communications, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
403. EP MedSystems, Inc. United States New Jersey
404. EP Technologies, Inc.   United States California
405. Episurf Medical AB Sweden  
406. Epitope, Inc.   United States Oregon
407. Ergoresearch Ltd. Canada  
408. eSAFETYWORLD, Inc. United States New York
409. Escalon Medical Corp. United States Pennsylvania
410. Essilor International Cmpgn Gnl d'Opq SA France  
411. Eternal Technologies Group, Inc. China  
412. Etropal AD Etropole Bulgaria  
413. EuKedos SpA Italy  
414. Eurocrystal France  
415. Euromedis Groupe SA France  
416. ev3 Inc. United States Minnesota
417. Ever Growing Group, Inc.   Cayman Islands  
418. Everest & Jennings Int'l   United States Missouri
419. Everest Medical Corp.   United States Minnesota
420. Exactech, Inc. United States Florida
421. Exalenz Bioscience Ltd. Israel  
422. Excel-Tech Ltd. Canada  
424. Exogen, Inc.   United States New Jersey
425. Eye Technology, Inc.(OLD)   United States Virginia
426. Eyelogic Systems Inc Canada  
427. eyeonics, inc. United States California
428. FemRx   United States California
429. FGX International Holdings Limited United States Rhode Island
430. Fidelity Medical, Inc.   United States New Jersey
431. Fischer Imaging Corporation United States Colorado
432. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare (ADR) New Zealand  
433. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp Ltd New Zealand  
434. Floreane Medical Implants France  
435. FluoroScan Imaging Sys.   United States Illinois
436. Focal, Inc.   United States Massachusetts
437. Focus Surgery   United States California
438. Fonar Corporation United States New York
439. Forward Industries, Inc. United States Florida
440. Foxhollow Technologies, Inc. United States California
441. Fresenius SE & Co KGaA Germany  
442. Fresenius USA, Inc.   United States California
443. FUJI GLASS CO., LTD. Japan  
445. Fusion Medical Tech., Inc   United States California
446. Gambro Incorporated (ADR) (Old) Sweden  
447. Gen-Probe Incorporated United States Massachusetts
448. General Scanning Inc.   United States Massachusetts
449. General Surgical Innov.   United States California
450. GeneScan Europe AG Germany  
451. Genex Pharmaceutical, Inc. China  
452. Genexel-Sein Inc. South Korea  
453. Genexel-Sein Inc. (Parent) South Korea  
454. Genzyme Surgical Products United States Massachusetts
455. Geratherm Medical AG Germany  
456. Gerresheimer AG Germany  
457. Getinge AB Sweden  
458. GETZ BROS. CO., LTD. Japan  
459. GI Dynamics Inc United States Massachusetts
460. Gish Biomedical, Inc. United States California
461. Given Imaging Ltd. Israel  
462. Given Imaging Ltd. (Israel) Israel  
463. GKB Ophthalmics Ltd India  
464. Glycorex Transplantation AB Sweden  
465. GMP Companies, Inc. United States Florida
466. GN Store Nord A/S Denmark  
467. Golden Century Resources Ltd United States Delaware
468. Golden Meditech Holdings Ltd Hong Kong  
469. Goodman Co Ltd Japan  
470. Graham-Field Health Prod. United States Georgia
471. Grandhope Biotech Co Ltd China  
472. Greatbatch Inc United States Texas
473. Guangdong Biolight Meditech Co Ltd China  
474. Guidant Corp. (OLD) United States Indiana
475. Guidant Corporation United States Indiana
476. Guided Therapeutics Inc United States Georgia
477. Gulf South Medical Supply United States Florida
478. Gynecare Inc.   United States California
479. Gyrus Group PLC UK  
481. H1BIO Corp. South Korea  
482. Haemacure Corporation Canada  
483. Haemonetics Corporation United States Massachusetts
484. Hamilton Thorne Ltd. United States Massachusetts
485. HANS BIOMED CORP South Korea  
486. Hans Biomed Corp (Parent) South Korea  
487. Hansen Medical, Inc. United States California
488. Harrier, Inc.   United States California
489. Hartalega Holdings Berhad Malaysia  
490. Hartest Holdings plc United Kingdom  
491. Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Tech Inc United States Massachusetts
492. Hasco Medical Inc United States Texas
493. Hayleys PLC Sri Lanka  
494. HCi VioCare United Kingdom  
495. Health & Life Co., Ltd. Taiwan  
496. Healthcare Enterprise Group PLC United Kingdom  
497. Healthcare Providers Direct, Inc. United States New Jersey
498. Healthdyne Technologies   United States Georgia
499. Healthdyne, Inc.   United States Georgia
500. HealtheTech, Inc. United States Colorado
501. HealthTronics Inc. United States Texas
502. HealthWatch, Inc. United States Georgia
503. Heart Technology, Inc.   United States Washington
504. Heart Tronics Inc United States California
505. Heartport, Inc.   United States California
506. Heartstream, Inc.   United States Washington
507. HeartWare International Inc United States Massachusetts
508. HeartWare International, Inc. United States Massachusetts
509. HeartWare Limited Australia  
510. HEI, Inc. United States Minnesota
511. Helicos BioSciences Corp. United States Massachusetts
512. Hemosense, Inc. United States California
513. Henley Healthcare, Inc.   United States Texas
514. Henry Schein, Inc. United States New York
515. Hi-Clearance Inc. Taiwan  
516. Hitachi Medical Corporation Japan  
517. HMSR Inc. United States North Carolina
518. HOGY MEDICAL CO., LTD. Japan  
519. Hokuyaku Inc. Japan  
520. Hologic, Inc. United States Massachusetts
521. Home Diagnostics, Inc. United States Florida
522. Horizon Medical Products United States Georgia
524. Hot Mama's Foods Inc United States Massachusetts
525. HTL Strefa SA Poland  
526. Huiheng Medical Inc China  
527. Human Care HC AB Sweden  
528. HumanOptics AG Germany  
529. HUSA Liquidating Corporation United States Florida
530. Huvitz Co Ltd South Korea  
531. Huvitz Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
532. Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. United States Minnesota
533. I-Flow Corporation United States California
534. I-See Vision Technology Inc Taiwan  
535. i-STAT Corporation United States New Jersey
536. IBOD Imaging, Inc. United States New Jersey
537. iCAD Inc United States New Hampshire
538. ICU Medical, Incorporated United States California
539. Ideal Medical Products France  
540. IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. United States Maine
541. IDGlobal Corp United States Illinois
542. IDMoS plc UK  
543. ifa systems AG Germany  
544. Ilex Medical Ltd Israel  
545. IM Medical Ltd Australia  
546. ImageONE Co., Ltd. Japan  
547. Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc. United States Florida
548. Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd. Canada  
549. Imaging3, Inc. United States California
550. Imagyn Medical Tech., Inc   United States California
551. Imagyn Medical, Inc.   United States California
552. Imatron Inc.   United States California
553. Imex Medical Systems, Inc   United States Colorado
554. IMI Co., Ltd. Japan  
555. Immucor, Inc. United States Georgia
556. Immunodiagnostic Systems Hldgs PLC United Kingdom  
557. Impedimed Limited Australia  
558. IMRIS Inc Canada  
559. In Veritas Medical Diagnostics Inc United Kingdom  
560. Inamed Corporation United States California
561. Incomex Paraguay SAECA Paraguay  
562. InControl, Inc.   United States Washington
563. Indo Internacional SA Spain  
564. InforMedix Holdings, Inc. United States Maryland
565. Infrasonics, Inc.   United States California
566. Ingen Technologies Inc United States California
567. Inion Oy Finland  
568. Innerdyne, Inc.   United States California
569. InnoServ Technologies   United States Texas
570. Innova LifeSciences Corporation Canada  
571. Innovasive Devices, Inc.   United States Massachusetts
572. Innovative Tracking Solut   United States California
573. InspireMD Inc United States Massachusetts
574. InStent Inc.   United States Minnesota
575. Instrumentarium Corp. Finland  
576. Instrumentarium Corp. (ADR) Finland  
577. Insulet Corporation United States Massachusetts
578. Insuline Medical Ltd Israel  
579. Intai Technology Corp Taiwan  
580. Intelligent Medical Imaging, Inc. United States Florida
581. InterCure Ltd Israel  
582. Intermagnetics General Corporation United States New York
583. Internal Fixation Systems Inc United States Florida
584. International Medical Devices Plc United Kingdom  
585. InternetArray Inc United States New York
586. INTEROJO CO. LTD. South Korea  
587. Interpore Spine Ltd United States California
588. Interspec, Inc.   United States Pennsylvania
589. IntraLase Corp. United States California
590. Intuitive Surgical, Inc. United States California
591. Invacare Corporation United States Ohio
592. Invicta Meditek Ltd India  
593. Invivo Corporation United States California
594. Invivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp United States Massachusetts
595. Invivosense ASA Norway  
596. Ion Beam Applications SA Belgium  
597. IRIDEX Corporation United States California
598. Iris BioTechnologies Inc United States California
599. IsoRay, Inc. United States Washington
600. Itamar Medical Ltd Israel  
601. iTech Medical Inc United States California
602. ITL Limited Australia  
603. IVF Hartmann Holding AG Switzerland  
604. Ivow Inc United States California
605. J&V Medical Instrument Joint Stock Co Vietnam  
606. Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd. Japan  
607. Japan Medical Dynamic Marketing, INC. Japan  
608. Jiangsu Yuyue Mdcl Eqpmnt & Sply Co Ltd China  
609. Jinhua Marine Biological Usa Inc United States Nevada
610. JMS CO., LTD. Japan  
611. Jomed N.V. Netherlands  
612. Jourdan plc United Kingdom  
613. JVM Co., Ltd. South Korea  
617. Kawasaki Safety Service Industries, Ltd. Japan  
618. Kawasumi Laboratories, Incorporated Japan  
619. Kelyniam Global Inc United States Connecticut
620. Kensey Nash Corporation United States Pennsylvania
621. KeraVision, Inc.   United States California
622. Kinetic Concepts, Inc. United States Texas
623. Kips Bay Medical, Inc. United States Minnesota
624. Kitron ASA Norway  
625. KM CORPORATION South Korea  
626. KM CORPORATION(Parent) South Korea  
627. KM R&C Co Ltd South Korea  
628. KOKEN LTD. Japan  
629. Kossan Rubber Industries Berhad Malaysia  
630. Kretztechnik AG   Austria  
631. Kryocor Limited Australia  
633. Kyphon Inc. United States California
634. Lambda Physik Germany  
635. Lancer Orthodontics, Inc. United States California
636. Landwind Medical Holdings Limited China  
637. Laser Industries Ltd.   Israel  
638. Laserscope United States California
639. Latexx Partners Berhad Malaysia  
640. Lead Data Inc Taiwan  
641. LED Medical Diagnostics Inc Canada  
642. LeMaitre Vascular Inc United States Massachusetts
643. LensWista AG Germany  
644. Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd China  
645. LiDCO Group plc United Kingdom  
646. Life Wear Technologies, Inc.   United States Florida
647. LifeAssays AB Sweden  
648. Lifehealthcare Inc United States Connecticut
649. Lifeline Scientific, Inc United States Illinois
650. Lifepoint, Inc. United States California
651. Lifespan Inc. United States Nevada
652. Lifestream Technologies, Inc. United States Idaho
653. LifeTech Scientific Corp China  
654. LifeWatch AG Switzerland  
655. Lincare Holdings Inc. United States Florida
656. LMA International NV Cura‡ao  
657. Lombard Medical plc UK  
658. Lombard Medical Technologies Ltd United Kingdom  
659. Longport, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
660. Luis Cassanello SAICECA Paraguay  
661. Lukens Medical Corp.   United States New Mexico
662. Lumenis Ltd Israel  
663. Lunar Corporation   United States Wisconsin
664. Luneau Technology SA France  
665. Luther Medical Products   United States California
666. Lutronic Corp South Korea  
667. Lutronic Corp (Parent) South Korea  
668. Luxottica Group SpA Italy  
669. Luxtec Corporation United States Massachusetts
670. LXN Corporation   United States California
671. LXU Healthcare, Inc. United States Arizona
672. MacKay Life Sciences Inc United States Pennsylvania
673. MagForce AG Germany  
674. MAKO Surgical Corp. United States Florida
675. MANI, INC. Japan  
676. Maquet Cardiovascular, LLC United States New Jersey
677. Marathon Group Corp United States Texas
678. Marquest Medical Products   United States Colorado
679. Marquette Medical Systems   United States Wisconsin
680. Masimo Corporation United States California
681. Mauna Kea Technologies SAS France  
682. Maxxim Medical Inc. (OLD) United States Florida
683. Maxxim Medical, Inc. United States Massachusetts
684. Mazor Robotics Ltd Israel  
685. MC Liquidation Inc United States California
686. MDT Corporation   United States North Carolina
687. MDY Healthcare Ltd. United Kingdom  
688. Med-Design Corporation United States California
689. Medalliance, Inc.   United States Tennessee
690. MedChem Products, Inc.   United States Massachusetts
691. Medcomtech SA Spain  
692. MedCore AB Sweden  
693. Medex, Inc. United States California
694. MedFirst Healthcare Services lnc Taiwan  
695. Medi-Flex Limited Malaysia  
696. Medi-Ject Corporation   United States Minnesota
697. Medica AD Sofia Bulgaria  
698. Medical Action Industries United States New York
699. Medical Australia Limited Australia  
700. Medical Care Technologies Inc. China  
701. Medical Compression System (D.B.N) Ltd. Israel  
702. Medical Dynamics, Inc.   United States Colorado
703. Medical Graphics Corp.   United States Minnesota
704. Medical International Technology Inc Canada  
705. Medical Solutions Management Inc United States Massachusetts
706. Medicon Hellas S.A. Greece  
707. MedicPen AB (publ) Sweden  
708. Medicrea International SA France  
709. Medidep France  
710. Medifocus Inc. Canada  
711. Medigard Ltd Australia  
712. Medigus Ltd. Israel  
713. MEDIKIT CO., LTD. Japan  
714. MediRatt AB Sweden  
715. Medisana AG Germany  
716. Medistim ASA Norway  
717. Medisys Technologies Inc   United States Louisiana
718. Medius Holdings Co Ltd Japan  
719. Medivision Medical Imaging Ltd Israel  
720. Mediwatch plc United Kingdom  
721. Medizone International Inc United States California
722. Medphone Corp.   United States New Jersey
723. MedPro Safety Products Inc United States Kentucky
724. Medrad, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
725. MedSource Technologies, Inc. United States Minnesota
726. Medstone International, Inc. United States California
727. Medtechnica Ltd. Israel  
728. Medtecs International Co Ltd (TDR) Philippines  
729. Medtecs International Corporation Ltd Philippines  
730. Medtronic ATS Medical, Inc. United States Minnesota
731. Medtronic, Inc. United States Minnesota
732. Medwave, Inc. United States Minnesota
733. MedX Health Corp. Canada  
734. MELA Sciences Inc United States New York
735. Memry Corporation United States Connecticut
736. Mentor Corporation United States California
737. Meridian Bioscience, Inc. United States Ohio
738. Meridian Medical Technologies   United States Maryland
739. Merit Medical Systems, Inc. United States Utah
740. Metabiomed Co Ltd South Korea  
741. Metabiomed Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
742. Metalrax Group plc United Kingdom  
743. MeVis Medical Solutions AG Germany  
744. MGC Diagnostics Corp United States Minnesota
745. Micro Bio-Medics, Inc.   United States New York
746. Micro Therapeutics, Inc. United States California
748. MicroPort Scientific Corporation China  
749. Micropos Medical AB Sweden  
750. Microtek Medical Holdings, Inc. United States Georgia
751. Microtek Medical, Inc.   United States Mississippi
752. MicroValue AG Switzerland  
753. Micrus Endovascular Corporation United States California
754. Micus AB Sweden  
755. Milestone Scientific Inc. United States New Jersey
756. MiMedx Group Inc United States Georgia
757. Mingyuan Medicare Development Co., Ltd. Hong Kong  
758. MiniMed Inc.   United States California
759. Minntech Corporation   United States Minnesota
760. Minrad International, Inc. United States New York
761. Mirion Technologies, Inc. United States California
762. Misonix, Inc. United States New York
763. Mitek Surgical Products   United States Massachusetts
764. MIV Therapeutics Inc. Canada  
765. Momina krepost AD Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria  
766. Montvale Technologies, Inc. United States New Jersey
767. Moore Medical Corp. United States Connecticut
768. MORIA SA France  
769. Morning Light Co Ltd Mauritius  
770. Moulded Medical Supplies Limited South Africa  
771. Moulin Global Eyecare Holdings Limited Hong Kong  
772. Moyco Technologies, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
773. MRI Interventions Inc United States Tennessee
774. MSA Gallet SA France  
775. MSA Safety Inc United States Pennsylvania
776. MTS Medication Technologies, Inc. United States Florida
777. MWI Veterinary Supply, Inc. United States Idaho
778. My Size Inc Israel  
779. NAKANISHI INC. Japan  
780. Namic U.S.A. Corporation   United States New York
781. Nanosonics Ltd. Australia  
782. Nanosphere, Inc. United States Illinois
783. National Dentex Corporation United States Massachusetts
784. National Healthcare Manufacturing Corp.   Canada  
785. NationsHealth, Inc. United States Florida
786. Natus Medical Inc United States California
787. Natus Medical Incorporated United States California
788. Nellcor Puritan Bennett   United States California
789. Neogen Corporation United States Michigan
790. Neolens, Inc.   United States Florida
791. NeoPath, Inc.   United States Washington
792. Neovasc Inc Canada  
793. Nephros, Inc. United States New Jersey
794. Neuromedical Systems   United States New Jersey
795. Neurometrix Inc United States Massachusetts
796. New Image Industries, Inc   United States California
797. New West Eyeworks Inc   United States Arizona
798. Newcardio Inc United States New Jersey
799. Nihon ISK Co Ltd Japan  
801. Nihon Optical Co., Ltd. Japan  
802. Ningbo David Medical Device Co Ltd China  
803. Nippon Care Supply Co., Ltd. Japan  
805. NIR Diagnostics, Inc. Canada  
806. Nissan Medical Industries Ltd. Israel  
807. NKBIO Co Ltd. (Parent) South Korea  
808. NMT Group plc UK  
809. NMT Medical, Inc. United States Massachusetts
810. Nobel Biocare Holding AG Switzerland  
811. NOMOS Corporation   United States Pennsylvania
812. Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc. United States Florida
813. Noninvasive Medical Technologies, Inc. United States Nevada
814. Nordion Inc Canada  
815. Nordion Inc(USA) Canada  
816. Northstar Neuroscience, Inc. United States Washington
817. Novadaq Technologies Inc. Canada  
818. Novamed, Inc. United States Utah
819. Novametrix Medical System   United States Connecticut
820. NovaRay Medical, Inc. United States California
821. Novation Holdings Inc United States Florida
822. Noveko International Inc. Canada  
823. NOVT Corporation United States California
824. NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals Corp. (USA) United States Massachusetts
825. NutraMax Products, Inc.   United States Massachusetts
826. NuVasive, Inc. United States California
827. NxStage Medical, Inc. United States Massachusetts
828. Ocean Optique Distr.(OLD)   United States Florida
829. Ocular Sciences, Inc. United States California
830. Ocurest Laboratories Inc.   United States Florida
831. OEC Medical Systems, Inc.   United States Utah
832. Ogawa World Berhad Malaysia  
833. Olympus Corp Japan  
834. Olympus Corp (Parent) Japan  
835. Omega Diagnostics Group Plc United Kingdom  
836. OMI Holdings Ltd Australia  
837. Oncologix Tech Inc United States Michigan
838. Ophthalmic Imaging Systems United States California
839. Optopol Technology SA Poland  
840. Optos Plc United Kingdom  
841. ORATEC Interventions Inc.   United States California
842. Oridion Systems Ltd Israel  
843. Orthofix International NV Curacao  
844. Orthomet Inc.   United States Minnesota
845. Orthometrix, Inc. United States Florida
846. Orthopedic Technology Inc   United States California
847. ORTHOsoft Inc. Canada  
848. Orthovita, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
849. Ortivus AB Sweden  
850. Osmetech plc United Kingdom  
851. Osprey Medical Inc United States Minnesota
852. Osstem Implant Co Ltd South Korea  
853. Osstem Implant Co Ltd(Parent) South Korea  
854. Ossur hf Iceland  
855. Osteotech, Inc. United States New Jersey
856. Ostex International, Inc. United States Washington
857. Otix Global, Inc. United States Utah
858. OTO Holdings Ltd Hong Kong  
859. Owens & Minor, Inc. United States Virginia
860. Oxysure Systems Inc United States Texas
861. Pace Medical, Inc. United States Massachusetts
862. Pacific Biosciences of California United States California
864. Palomar Medical Technologies Inc United States Massachusetts
865. PanBio Limited Australia  
866. Pani Teresa Medica SA Poland  
867. Paradigm Medical Industries, Inc. United States Utah
868. Pathfinder Cell Therapy Inc United States Massachusetts
869. Patient Safety Technologies Inc United States California
870. Patterson Companies, Inc. United States Minnesota
871. Paul Hartmann AG Germany  
872. Perclose, Inc.   United States California
873. Performance Health Technologies Inc United States New Jersey
874. Personal Screening Plc United Kingdom  
875. PharmaNetics, Inc. United States North Carolina
876. Phoenix Laser Systems   United States California
877. Phol Dhanya Public Company Limited Thailand  
878. Photoelectron Corporation United States Massachusetts
879. PhotoMedex Inc United States Pennsylvania
880. Physiometrix, Inc. United States Massachusetts
881. PJ Electronics Co., Ltd. South Korea  
882. Plandent Oyj Finland  
883. PLC Systems Inc. United States Massachusetts
884. PLD Corporation Ltd Australia  
885. Poly Medicure Ltd. India  
886. PolyMedica Corporation United States Massachusetts
887. Positron Corp United States Illinois
888. Possis Medical, Inc. United States Minnesota
889. Power Medical Interventions, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
890. Precision Optics Corporation Inc United States Massachusetts
891. Premier Laser Systems Inc   United States California
892. Prim SA Spain  
893. Princeton Security Technologies, Inc. United States New Jersey
894. Priority Healthcare Corporation United States Florida
895. Prism Medical Ltd. Canada  
896. Pro-Dex Inc United States California
897. Professional Dental Tech.   United States Arkansas
898. Profile Therapeutics plc UK  
899. ProgressNow! invest AG Switzerland  
900. Protectus Medical Devices Inc United States Minnesota
901. Protein Polymer Technologies, Inc. United States California
902. Protocol Systems, Inc.   United States Oregon
903. ProUroCare Medical Inc United States Minnesota
904. Provet Holdings Limited Australia  
905. PSS World Medical, Inc. United States Florida
906. Pulsion Medical Systems SE Germany  
907. Puritan - Bennett Corp.   United States Kansas
908. Pyng Medical Corp. Canada  
909. Pyxis Corporation   United States California
910. Q-Med AB Sweden  
911. Qatari German Comp. for Medical Devices Qatar  
912. QMed, Inc. United States New Jersey
913. Quantech Ltd.   United States Minnesota
914. Quidel Corporation United States California
915. Quinton Cardiology Systems, Inc. United States Washington
916. R2 Technology, Inc. United States California
917. Rad Source Technologies Inc United States Georgia
918. Radiant Innovation Inc. Taiwan  
919. Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp United States California
920. Radiometer A/S Denmark  
921. RainEarth Inc. China  
922. Raptor Resources Holdings Inc United States New Jersey
923. Real Imaging Holdings Ltd Israel  
924. Refocus Group, Inc. United States Texas
925. ReGen Biologics, Inc. United States New Jersey
926. Rehabilicare Inc. (OLD)   United States Minnesota
927. Reliant Technologies, Inc. United States California
928. Remedent, Inc. Belgium  
929. Repro-Med Systems, Inc. United States New York
930. Research Medical, Inc.   United States Utah
931. ResMed Inc. United States California
932. Resonance Health Limited Australia  
933. ReSound Corporation   United States California
934. Respironics, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
935. Response Biomedical Corp. Canada  
936. Response Biomedical Corp. (ADR) Canada  
937. Restore Medical, Inc. United States Minnesota
938. Retrac Medical, Inc.   United States New York
939. Retractable Technologies, Inc. United States Texas
940. Revenio Group Oyj Finland  
941. Revolutions Medical Corp. United States South Carolina
942. RION CO., LTD. Japan  
943. RITA Medical Systems, Inc. United States California
944. Riverstone Holdings Limited Singapore  
945. Rochester Medical Corporation United States Minnesota
946. Rockwell Medical Inc United States Michigan
947. Rossmax International Ltd. Taiwan  
948. Rotech Healthcare Inc. United States Florida
949. RTI Surgical Inc United States Florida
950. Sabratek Corporation   United States Illinois
951. Safecode Drug Technologies Corp Israel  
952. Safeskin Corporation   United States California
953. Safety Medical Products Limited Australia  
954. SAFILO S.p.A. Italy  
955. Safwan Trading & Contracting Co. K.S.C.C Kuwait  
956. Salient Surgical Technologies, Inc. United States New Hampshire
957. Sangui Biotech International, Inc. United States Utah
958. Saniteks d.d. Velika Kladusa Bosnia and Herzegovina  
959. SANUWAVE Health, Inc. United States Georgia
960. Sartorius Stedim Biotech SA France  
961. Scantek Medical, Inc. United States New Jersey
962. Scient'x SA United States California
963. Scientific Digital Imaging plc United Kingdom  
964. SciMed Life Systems   United States Minnesota
965. Scivanta Medical Corporation United States New Jersey
966. SciVision Biotech Inc Taiwan  
967. ScripsAmerica, Inc. United States Virginia
968. SDI Limited Australia  
969. SeaMED Corporation   United States Washington
970. Sectra AB Sweden  
971. SEED CO., LTD. Japan  
972. SensiVida Medical Technologies Inc United States New York
973. Senzime AB Sweden  
974. Sequenom, Inc. United States California
975. Serf France  
976. Sewoonmedical Co Ltd South Korea  
977. Sewoonmedical Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
978. Shandong Blue Sail Plastic&Rubber Co Ltd China  
979. Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd China  
980. Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co China  
981. Shanghai Kinetic Medical Co Ltd China  
982. Shanghai Tofflon Science & Techgy Co Ltd China  
983. Sharpview AB Sweden  
985. Shin Hung Co Ltd South Korea  
986. Shin Hung Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
987. Shinva Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. China  
989. SHOFU INC. Japan  
990. Shun Thai Rubber Gloves Industry PCL Thailand  
991. Sightpath Medical   United States Minnesota
992. Signature Eyewear Inc United States California
993. Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. United States Florida
994. Sino-Excel Energy Ltd Singapore  
995. Sinocare Inc China  
996. Sirona Dental Systems, Inc. United States New York
997. Smith & Nephew plc United Kingdom  
998. Smith & Nephew plc (ADR) United Kingdom  
999. Sofamor Danek Group, Inc.   United States Tennessee
1,000. Sola International Inc. United States California
1,001. Solborn Inc South Korea  
1,002. Solco Biomedical Co Ltd South Korea  
1,003. Solco Biomedical Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
1,004. Solta Medical Inc United States California
1,005. Somanetics Corporation United States Michigan
1,006. Somnomed Limited Australia  
1,007. Somnus Medical Technology   United States California
1,008. Sonomed Inc. Canada  
1,009. SonoSite, Inc. United States Washington
1,010. Sonova Holding AG Switzerland  
1,011. Sorin SpA Italy  
1,012. Sound Surgical Technologies Inc. United States Colorado
1,013. Spacelabs Healthcare, Inc. United States Washington
1,014. Spacelabs Medical, Inc.   United States Washington
1,015. Sparta Surgical Corporation United States Colorado
1,016. Specialized Health Products Internat. United States Utah
1,017. Specialty Scanners PLC United Kingdom  
1,018. Spectral Diagnostics Inc Canada  
1,019. Spectral Diagnostics Inc (USA) Canada  
1,020. SpectraScience Inc United States California
1,021. Spectrum Laboratories, Inc. United States California
1,022. Speedus Corp. United States New Jersey
1,023. Sphere Medical Holding PLC United Kingdom  
1,024. SPI Lasers plc United Kingdom  
1,025. SPO Global Inc United States California
1,026. SQI Diagnostics Inc. Canada  
1,027. SS Body Armor I Inc United States Florida
1,028. SSL International plc United Kingdom  
1,029. St. Francis Medical Technologies, Inc. United States California
1,030. St. Jude Medical, Inc. United States Minnesota
1,031. STAAR Surgical Company United States California
1,032. Staodyn, Inc.   United States Colorado
1,033. Statsure Diagnostic Systems Inc United States New York
1,034. StatSure Diagnostic Systems, Inc. United States Massachusetts
1,035. Stentys SAS France  
1,036. Stereotaxis Inc United States Missouri
1,037. Sterile Concepts Holdings   United States Virginia
1,038. STERIS Corp United States Ohio
1,039. Stille AB Sweden  
1,040. Strategic Global Investments, Inc. United States California
1,041. Straumann Holding AG Switzerland  
1,042. Stryker Corporation United States Michigan
1,043. Suburban Ostomy Supply Co   United States Massachusetts
1,044. Suda Ltd Australia  
1,045. Sullivan Dental Products   United States Wisconsin
1,046. Summit Autonomous, Inc.   United States Massachusetts
1,047. Sun Biomedical Limited Australia  
1,048. Sun Hing Vision Group Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong  
1,049. Sunray Holdings Limited China  
1,050. Sunrise Medical, Inc. United States California
1,051. Sunrise Technologies International, Inc.   United States California
1,052. Sunshine Heart Inc United States Minnesota
1,053. Sunshine Holdings PLC Sri Lanka  
1,054. Sunway Global Inc. China  
1,055. Supermax Corporation Berhad Malaysia  
1,056. SureCare, Inc. United States Texas
1,057. Surgical Innovations Group Plc United Kingdom  
1,058. Surgical Laser Technologies, Inc.   United States Pennsylvania
1,059. Surgical Technologies   United States Utah
1,060. SurgiLight, Inc. United States Florida
1,061. Survival Technology, Inc.   United States Maryland
1,062. Sutura, Inc. United States California
1,063. Swissray International Inc United States New Jersey
1,064. Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc. United States California
1,065. Symmetry Medical Inc. United States Indiana
1,066. Symphonix Devices, Inc. United States California
1,067. Synergetics USA Inc United States Missouri
1,068. Syneron Medical Ltd. Israel  
1,069. Synovis Life Technologies, Inc. United States Minnesota
1,070. Synthes Inc. United States Pennsylvania
1,071. T.R.D. Instrum Ltd. Israel  
1,072. TaiDoc Technology Corporation Taiwan  
1,073. Target Therapeutics, Inc.   United States California
1,074. Tcm Biotech International Corp Taiwan  
1,075. TearLab Corp United States California
1,076. Techcomp (Holdings) Limited Hong Kong  
1,077. Techlabs Inc United States Florida
1,078. TechniScan Inc United States Utah
1,079. Techno Medica Co., Ltd. Japan  
1,080. Technoflex SA France  
1,081. Techtran Polylenses Ltd India  
1,082. Tecnol Medical Products   United States Texas
1,083. Tekka Group SA France  
1,084. Teleflex Incorporated United States Pennsylvania
1,085. Telezon Limited Australia  
1,086. Tepnel Life Sciences PLC United Kingdom  
1,087. Terumo Corp Japan  
1,088. Terumo Corp (Parent) Japan  
1,089. Thai Optical Group PCL Thailand  
1,090. THC HomeCare, Inc.   United States Utah
1,091. The Aristotle Corporation United States Connecticut
1,092. The Cooper Companies, Inc. United States California
1,093. The Medical House PLC United Kingdom  
1,094. The Spectranetics Corporation United States Colorado
1,095. Theragenics Corporation United States Georgia
1,096. Theralase Technologies Inc. Canada  
1,097. Therapeutic Technologies   United States Florida
1,098. TheraSense, Inc. United States California
1,099. Thermo Cardiosystems Inc.   United States Massachusetts
1,100. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. United States Massachusetts
1,101. ThermoLase Corporation   United States Texas
1,102. ThermoTrex Corporation United States California
1,103. TherOx, Inc. United States Colorado
1,104. Thoratec Corporation United States California
1,105. Thoratec Laboratories   United States California
1,106. Thunder Group, Inc.   United States Florida
1,107. Tigran Technologies AB Sweden  
1,108. Tissue Science Laboratories plc UK  
1,109. TOKAI Corp. Japan  
1,110. TomoTherapy Incorporated United States Wisconsin
1,111. Top Glove Corporation Berhad Malaysia  
1,112. Tornier NV Netherlands  
1,113. Tosama d.d. Slovenia  
1,114. Toumaz Ld Cayman Islands  
1,115. TRACE Biotech AG Germany  
1,116. Tracom Holding AG Germany  
1,117. Transenterix Inc United States North Carolina
1,118. TransMedics, Inc. United States Massachusetts
1,119. Transoma Medical, Inc. United States Minnesota
1,120. Trauson Holdings Company Limited China  
1,121. Trex Medical Corporation   United States Connecticut
1,122. Trimedyne, Inc. United States California
1,123. Trinity Co., Ltd. South Korea  
1,124. Trinity Co., Ltd. (Parent) South Korea  
1,125. TSO3 Inc. Canada  
1,126. Tutogen Medical, Inc. United States Florida
1,127. Tuttnauer Ltd. Israel  
1,128. Tyrian Diagnostics Limited Australia  
1,129. TZMOI OAO (P) Russia  
1,130. Ultrafem, Inc.   United States New York
1,131. Ultrasonix Medical Corp Canada  
1,132. UltraVision Corporation   Canada  
1,133. UMS United Medical Systems Intl. AG Germany  
1,134. Unicon Optical Co., Ltd. Taiwan  
1,135. Unilife Corp United States Pennsylvania
1,136. Unilife Corporation United States Pennsylvania
1,137. United American Healthcare Corp United States Illinois
1,138. United Gene High-Tech Group Ltd Hong Kong  
1,139. United Orthopedic Corporation Taiwan  
1,140. UNIVEC, Inc. United States Maryland
1,141. Universal Biosensors, Inc. Australia  
1,142. Universal Hospital (old) United States Minnesota
1,143. Universal Vision Biotechnology Co., Ltd Taiwan  
1,144. Urban Ag Corp United States Massachusetts
1,145. Urologix Inc United States Minnesota
1,146. Uroplasty, Inc. United States Minnesota
1,147. UroQuest Medical Corp.   United States California
1,148. Uscom Ltd Australia  
1,149. Utah Medical Products, Inc. United States Utah
1,150. Vallen Corporation   United States Texas
1,151. Value Added Technology Co Ltd South Korea  
1,152. Value Added Technology Co Ltd (P) South Korea  
1,153. Varian Medical Systems, Inc. United States California
1,154. Vasamed, Inc. United States Minnesota
1,155. Vascular Solutions, Inc. United States Minnesota
1,156. Vasomedical, Inc. United States New York
1,157. Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. United States Arizona
1,158. Ventracor Limited Australia  
1,159. Ventritex, Inc.   United States California
1,160. Venturi Ventures Inc Canada  
1,161. Verisante Technology Inc Canada  
1,162. Vexim SA France  
1,163. Viasys Healthcare, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
1,164. Vicon Fiber Optics Corp. United States New York
1,165. Vicor Technologies Inc United States Pennsylvania
1,166. Vicplas International Limited Singapore  
1,167. Victhom Human Bionics Inc. Canada  
1,168. VidaMed, Inc.   United States California
1,169. Vieworks Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
1,170. Vieworks Co.,Ltd South Korea  
1,171. Vigmed AB Sweden  
1,172. Viking Systems, Inc. United States Massachusetts
1,173. Viral Response Systems   United States Connecticut
1,174. Viral Testing Systems   United States Texas
1,175. VirtualScopics Inc United States New York
1,176. Visicu, Inc. United States Maryland
1,177. Visiomed Group Limited Australia  
1,178. Visiomed Group SA France  
1,179. Vision-Ease Lens Corporation United States Minnesota
1,180. Vision-Sciences, Inc. United States New York
1,181. Visionix Ltd. Israel  
1,182. VISX, Incorporated United States California
1,183. Vital Heart Systems, Inc.   United States Massachusetts
1,184. Vital Signs, Inc. United States New Jersey
1,185. VitalCom Inc.   United States California
1,186. Vitalsys SA Belgium  
1,187. VivoMedica plc United Kingdom  
1,188. VNUS Medical Technologies, Inc. United States California
1,189. Volcano Corporation United States California
1,190. VOXEL United States Florida
1,191. Voxel SA Poland  
1,192. Vuzix Corp United States New York
1,193. VWR Funding, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
1,194. Vycor Medical Inc United States Florida
1,195. W.O.M. World of Medicine AG Germany  
1,196. WaveLight AG Germany  
1,197. Wellstead Industries, Inc   United States Connecticut
1,198. Wesley Jessen Visioncare   United States Illinois
1,199. West Pharmaceutical Services Inc. United States Pennsylvania
1,200. Weston Medical Group plc UK  
1,201. White Smile Global Inc United States Florida
1,202. William Demant Holding A/S Denmark  
1,204. Win-Partners Co Ltd Japan  
1,205. Winner Medical Group, Inc. China  
1,206. WINNOVA CO Ltd South Korea  
1,207. Winnova Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
1,208. Wonik Co Ltd South Korea  
1,209. Wonik Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
1,210. Wooridul Huebrain Ltd South Korea  
1,211. Worksafe Industries Inc.   United States New York
1,212. World Diagnostics Inc United States Utah
1,213. World Heart Corporation United States California
1,214. WorldHeart Corporation (USA) United States Utah
1,215. Wound Management Technologies Inc United States Texas
1,216. Wright Medical Group Inc United States Tennessee
1,217. Wyant Corporation   United States New Jersey
1,218. Xcorporeal, Inc. United States California
1,219. XCounter AB Sweden  
1,220. XL Rent Inc United States Connecticut
1,221. Xomed Surgical Products   United States Florida
1,222. XTENT, Inc. United States California
1,223. Xvivo Perfusion AB Sweden  
1,224. Yamashita Medical Instruments Co Ltd Japan  
1,225. Yiaco Medical Company K.S.C.C Kuwait  
1,226. Yogi Healthcare Ltd India  
1,227. Young Innovations, Inc. United States Missouri
1,228. Ypsomed Holding AG Switzerland  
1,229. Zecotek Photonics Inc. Canada  
1,230. Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc United States California
1,231. ZEVEX International, Inc United States Utah
1,232. Zhuhai Hokai Medical Instruments Co Ltd China  
1,233. Zimmer Holdings, Inc. United States Indiana
1,234. Zimmer Spine   United States Minnesota
1,235. ZOLL Medical Corporation United States Massachusetts
1,236. ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc. United States California
1,237. ZoomMed Inc. Canada  
1,238. Zurvita Holdings Inc United States Texas
1,239. Zynex Inc. United States Colorado


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