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Directory of Public Companies in Industry: Advertising

A complete commercial credit report with financial statements is available for every company listed below, and for more than 40,000 public companies in our worldwide data base. But don't take our word for it. Examine a typical commercial credit report for free. We're sure you will agree that the quality of our commercial credit report is second to none. Note: Light grey text indicates a business whose financial statements are not current.
Covering $49 trillion of revenue worldwide (World GDP is $70 trillion)

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1. 1000mercis SA France  
2. 118000 AG Germany  
3. 24/7 Real Media, Inc. United States New York
4. 3DShopping.com   United States California
5. 4imprint Group plc United Kingdom  
6. A & Co SA France  
7. Abacus Direct Corporation   United States Colorado
8. Access Plus plc UK  
9. Actionview Inter NA Tio NA L Inc United States California
10. ad pepper media International N.V. Germany  
11. Adamas Incorporation Public Company Ltd. Thailand  
12. Adcorp Australia Limited Australia  
13. ADLPartner SA France  
14. AdPads, Inc. United States New Jersey
15. Ads in Motion, Inc. United States New Jersey
16. ADS Media Group, Inc. United States Texas
17. Adsouth Partners, Inc. United States Nevada
18. AdTail AB Sweden  
19. Advance Display Technologies, Inc. United States Colorado
20. Advanced Promotion Tech.   United States Florida
21. Advantex Marketing International, Inc. Canada  
22. ADVAX Corporation Japan  
23. Advertising Prodigy AD Sofia Bulgaria  
24. Advertising.com, Inc. United States Maryland
25. ADVO, Inc. United States Connecticut
26. Adwalker plc Ireland  
27. Aegis Group plc (ADR) United Kingdom  
28. Aimia Inc Canada  
29. AirMedia Group Inc (ADR) China  
30. Akinasista Corp Japan  
31. All About Inc Japan  
32. Alloy, Inc. United States New York
33. ALPHA CO., LTD. Japan  
34. Altitude Group PLC United Kingdom  
35. Amana inc Japan  
36. American List Corporation   United States New York
37. Andover.Net, Inc.   United States Massachusetts
38. Antevenio SA Spain  
39. Aoi Pro. Inc Japan  
40. aovo Touristik AG Germany  
41. APG SGA SA Switzerland  
42. Aptimus, Inc. United States California
43. Aqua Corporation PCL Thailand  
44. aQuantive, Inc. United States Washington
45. Ardent Communications Inc   United States Virginia
46. ASATSU-DK INC. Japan  
47. Asia Global Holdings Corp. Hong Kong  
48. Asiacontent.com, Ltd Hong Kong  
49. Assetus SA Poland  
50. Atermon Dynamic Communication SA Greece  
51. Aufeminin.com SA France  
52. Autobytel Inc. United States California
53. Avercal Inc. United States Iowa
54. Bassett Media Group Corp Canada  
55. Beijing Media Corporation Ltd. China  
56. Best Of Group Belgium  
57. Betawave Corp United States California
58. Bloggerwave Inc United States California
59. BNB Recruitment Solutions Plc UK  
60. Branding China Group Ltd China  
61. Bravada International Ltd. United States California
62. Broker FM S.A. Poland  
63. BV Group plc UK  
64. Cairo Communication SpA Italy  
65. CAM Media SA Poland  
66. Catalina Marketing Corporation United States Florida
67. Catcha Media Bhd Malaysia  
68. CBS Outdoor, Inc. United States New York
69. Cello Group plc United Kingdom  
70. CellPoint Connect AB Sweden  
71. CGEN Digital Media Co Ltd China  
72. Charm Communications Inc (ADR) China  
73. Cheil Worldwide Inc South Korea  
74. Cheil Worldwide Inc (Parent) South Korea  
75. China 33 Media Group Limited China  
76. China Century Dragon Media, Inc. China  
77. China Chuanglian Education Group Ltd Hong Kong  
78. China Global Media Inc China  
79. China Mass Media Corp (ADR) China  
80. China Media1 Corp. Canada  
81. China MediaExpress Holdings, Inc. China  
82. China Networks Intl. Hldgs. Ltd United States New York
83. China Seven Star Holdings Ltd Hong Kong  
84. China Television Media, Ltd China  
85. China Time Share Media Co. Ltd (ADR) China  
86. China Yida Holding Co China  
87. Chinanet Online Holdings Inc China  
88. Chuo Senko (Thailand) PCL Thailand  
89. Cinderella Media Group Ltd Hong Kong  
90. Classmates Media Corporation United States California
91. Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. United States Texas
92. Clear Media Ltd Hong Kong  
93. Clemenger Group Ltd Australia  
94. Clixster Mobile Group Inc United States  
95. Communicorp Corporation Canada  
96. Conduit Global, Inc. United States New York
97. Conversant Inc United States California
98. Cordiant Communications Group plc UK  
99. Cordiant Communications Group plc (ADR) UK  
100. Cosmedia Group Holdings Limited Cayman Islands  
101. COSSETTE INC. Canada  
102. Coutts Holdings PLC UK  
103. Creatifs France  
104. Credit One Financial Inc United States New York
105. Creston plc United Kingdom  
106. Cross Media Marketing United States New York
107. Cubo Communications Group PLC United Kingdom  
108. Cyber Communications Inc. Japan  
109. CyberAgent, Inc. Japan  
110. CyberGold, Inc.   United States California
111. D & M Telemarketing Public Ltd Cyprus  
112. D.A. Consortium Inc. Japan  
113. Dahe Media Co. Ltd. China  
114. Data Call Technologies, Inc. United States Texas
115. Datapharm Netsystems AG Germany  
116. Delling Group plc United Kingdom  
117. Dentsu Aegis Network Ltd United Kingdom  
118. Dentsu Inc Japan  
119. Dentsu Inc (Parent) Japan  
120. Dentsu Tec Inc. Japan  
121. Diamond Energy Partners, Inc. United States Florida
122. Digital Generation (OLD) United States Texas
123. Digital Generation Inc United States Texas
124. Digital Impact, Inc. United States California
125. DIMAC Corporation   United States Missouri
126. DiMark, Inc.   United States Pennsylvania
127. Display Technologies Inc United States New Hampshire
128. DMS INC. Japan  
129. Doriemus PLC United Kingdom  
130. Dotdigital Group plc United Kingdom  
131. DoubleClick Inc. United States New York
132. DoubleClick Japan Inc. Japan  
133. E for L Aim PCL Thailand  
134. e-machitown Co., Ltd. Japan  
135. Eloda Corporation Canada  
136. EMAK Worldwide, Inc. United States California
137. Emnet Inc South Korea  
138. Energy Today Inc United States New Hampshire
139. Enerxy AG Germany  
140. Engage, Inc. United States Massachusetts
141. Entertainment Boulevard   United States California
142. Entertainment International Ltd. United States Florida
143. Eurodirect Marketing France  
144. Euromarketing AG Austria  
145. Evia Oyj Finland  
146. F@N Communications Inc. Japan  
147. Far East DDB Public Company Limited Thailand  
148. Fastclick, Inc. United States California
149. Fasteps Co Ltd Japan  
150. Feratel Media Technologies AG Austria  
151. FIDOR Bank AG Germany  
152. Flycast Communications United States California
153. FM adServing A/S Denmark  
154. Focus Media Holding Limited (ADR) Hong Kong  
155. Focus Media Network Ltd Hong Kong  
156. Fortune Indonesia Tbk PT Indonesia  
157. Full Speed Inc. Japan  
158. FullSix SpA Italy  
159. G II R Inc South Korea  
160. G II R Inc (Parent) South Korea  
161. Ganad Corporation Bhd Malaysia  
162. Gendai Agency Inc Japan  
163. Global Network, Inc. United States New York
164. Globalink Limited Canada  
165. GMO AD Partners Inc Japan  
166. Go Online Networks Corp. United States California
167. GoAdv S.A. France  
168. Goldbach Media AG Switzerland  
169. Greenstone Roberts Adver. United States New York
170. Grey Global Group, Inc. United States New York
171. Groupe Concoursmania SA France  
172. Groupe Diffusion Plus SA France  
173. Groupe Jean-Claude Darmon France  
174. Guangdong Advertising Co., Ltd. China  
176. HALO Branded Solutions, Inc. United States Illinois
177. Harte-Hanks, Inc. United States Texas
178. Havas (ADR) France  
179. Havas SA France  
180. Healthworld Corporation   United States New York
181. Heritage Media Corp. United States Texas
182. Hi Media SA France  
183. High Speed Net Sol. (OLD)   United States North Carolina
184. Hipcricket Inc United States Washington
185. HL Display AB Sweden  
186. HMG Worldwide Corporation   United States New York
187. IB Worldwide Inc South Korea  
188. Idle Media Inc United States Pennsylvania
189. iMedia International, Inc. United States California
190. In-Store Advertising Inc.   United States New York
191. Independent Media Distribution Limited United Kingdom  
192. Infoscreen Networks Plc United Kingdom  
193. Ingenious Media Active Capital Limited United Kingdom  
194. Inno-Tech Holdings Limited Hong Kong  
195. INSIGHT INC. Japan  
196. Insignia Systems, Inc. United States Minnesota
197. Integer.pl SA Poland  
198. interCLICK Inc United States New York
199. Interia.pl SA Poland  
200. Internetq Plc Greece  
201. Interpublic Group (OLD) United States New York
202. Interpublic Group of Companies Inc United States New York
203. interspace co., ltd Japan  
204. Inuvo, Inc. United States Arkansas
205. Irep Co Ltd Japan  
206. ISIGN Media Solutions Inc. Canada  
207. ITE Group plc United Kingdom  
208. Jaywing PLC United Kingdom  
209. JCDecaux SA France  
210. JMXI, Inc. United States New York
211. K2 Internet SA Poland  
212. KAB Distribution Inc Canada  
213. KENSOH CO., LTD. Japan  
214. Klever Marketing, Inc. United States California
215. Lamar Advertising Co United States Louisiana
216. Lamar Media Corp United States Louisiana
217. Lbi International NV Netherlands  
218. LCS Industries, Inc.   United States New Jersey
219. Legend Marketing Corp. Canada  
220. Legend Media Inc China  
221. LEGS COMPANY, LTD. Japan  
222. LifeMinders, Inc.   United States Virginia
223. Loyalty Alliance Enterprise Corp Hong Kong  
224. Luxeyard Inc United States California
225. M Channel Corporation Limited Hong Kong  
226. M&C Saatchi Plc United Kingdom  
227. m4e AG Germany  
228. Madison Ave Media Inc United States Florida
229. Maiden Group plc UK  
230. MaKheiA Group SA France  
231. Manager Media Group Public Company Ltd. Thailand  
232. Master Ad PCL Thailand  
233. MaxWorldwide Inc United States California
234. May & Speh, Inc. United States Illinois
235. MCLS NV Belgium  
236. MDC Partners Inc United States New York
237. MDC Partners Inc United States New York
238. Media 6 SA France  
239. Media Partners International Holdings Hong Kong  
240. Media Square plc United Kingdom  
241. MediaNation Inc. Philippines  
242. Mediashift Inc United States California
243. Mediazest Plc United Kingdom  
244. MegaChain.com Ltd. Canada  
245. Metromail Corp.   United States Illinois
246. MICE Group Plc United Kingdom  
247. Mickelberry Communication   United States New York
248. Millennium Prime, Inc. United States Florida
249. MindArrow Systems, Inc. United States California
250. Mitchell Communication Group Limited Australia  
251. Mktg, Inc. United States New York
252. Mobiquity Technologies Inc United States New York
253. Modem Media, Inc. United States Connecticut
254. Modern Media Holdings Ltd Hong Kong  
255. Mood and Motion AG Germany  
256. Moro Corporation United States Pennsylvania
257. Most Wanted Holding AG Switzerland  
258. MotionPoster plc UK  
259. Motopia Ltd Australia  
260. MovieFone, Inc.   United States New York
261. Multi Solutions II Inc United States Florida
262. Multiplus SA Brazil  
263. My Screen Mobile, Inc. Canada  
264. MyPoints.com United States California
265. NameMedia, Inc. United States Massachusetts
266. National CineMedia, Inc. United States Colorado
267. National United Resources Holdings Ltd Hong Kong  
268. Neo Telemedia Limited Hong Kong  
269. Netbooster Holding A/S Denmark  
270. Netcentives Inc.   United States California
271. Network CN Inc Hong Kong  
272. NMI Security plc UK  
273. Nordkom AB Sweden  
274. nycaMedia Inc United States California
275. Obie Media Corporation United States Oregon
276. Omnicom Group Inc. United States New York
277. One-2-One SA Poland  
278. Oniva Online Group Europe AB Sweden  
279. Ooh!Media Group Pty Ltd Australia  
280. OPT, Inc. Japan  
281. Orben Inc. Japan  
282. Paid, Inc. United States Massachusetts
283. Phase2Media, Inc.   United States New York
284. Phoenix Holdings South Korea  
285. Phoenix Holdings (Parent) South Korea  
286. Phorm Corporation Ltd Singapore  
287. PIA Merchandising Service   United States California
288. Pico Far East Holdings Limited Hong Kong  
289. Pixel Interactive Media Limited Hong Kong  
290. Pixman Nomadic Media Inc. Canada  
291. PlasmaTech Inc United States Kentucky
292. Plasti-Line, Inc.   United States Tennessee
293. Prakit Holdings PCL Thailand  
294. Prismaflex International SA France  
295. Procast Media AB Sweden  
296. PROCON Multimedia AG Germany  
297. Progressive Digital Media Group PLC United Kingdom  
298. Promotions.com, Inc. United States New York
300. Provision 3D Media United States California
301. Publicis Groupe S.A. (ADR) France  
302. Publicis Groupe SA France  
303. PubliGroupe S.A. Switzerland  
304. Q Interactive United States Illinois
305. Qlinks America Inc United States Colorado
306. RAM Active Media PLC United Kingdom  
307. Rapid Fire Marketing Inc United States Nevada
308. Ray Corporation Japan  
309. REA Group Limited Australia  
310. Reach4entertainment Enterprises PLC United Kingdom  
311. Real Affinity plc United Kingdom  
312. Redgate Media Group (ADR) China  
313. Resource Holding Management Ltd Malaysia  
314. Rewards Network Inc. United States Illinois
315. Rjd Green Inc United States Oklahoma
316. Roadshow Holdings Limited Hong Kong  
317. RTS Deko AO Kazakhstan  
318. rVue Holdings Inc United States Illinois
319. Saatchi & Saatchi PLC (ADR) UK  
320. Sambhaav Media Ltd India  
321. Sanguine Media Limited India  
323. Scangroup Limited Kenya  
324. Scholz & Friends AG Germany  
325. Sedo Holding AG Germany  
326. SEEC Media Group Ltd. Hong Kong  
327. Seni Jaya Corporation Berhad Malaysia  
329. Shifang Holding Ltd China  
330. Sidetrack Technologies Inc Canada  
331. Signaux Girod SA France  
332. SinoMedia Holding Ltd. China  
333. SKYLYFT Media Network, Inc. United States California
334. SMT SA Poland  
335. Snipp Interactive Inc United States Washington D.C.
336. Social Reality Inc United States California
337. Source Interlink Companies, Inc. United States Florida
338. Southern States Sign Co Italy  
339. SpaceandPeople Plc United Kingdom  
340. SPAR Group Inc United States New York
341. SPiRE, Inc. Japan  
342. Star Pacific Tbk PT Indonesia  
343. Steeplejack Industrial Group Inc. Canada  
344. Stella Vista Technologies Ltd. South Africa  
345. Streamtrack Inc United States California
346. Stroeer Media AG Germany  
347. STW Communications Group Ltd. Australia  
348. SuperMedia Inc United States Texas
349. SWMX, Inc. United States New York
350. Tangent Communications PLC United Kingdom  
351. TCB Holdings Corporation Japan  
352. TechMedia Advertising, Inc. Singapore  
353. telegate Media AG Germany  
354. Telupay International Inc Jersey  
355. Tempus Group PLC UK  
356. Text Media Group Limited (The) Australia  
357. The Mission Marketing Group plc United Kingdom  
358. The Rubicon Project Inc United States California
359. THINK New Ideas, Inc.   United States New York
360. Think-Media NV Belgium  
361. Tiger Media Inc China  
362. Tihama Advert. Public Relat. & Markting Saudi Arabia  
363. TradeDoubler AB Sweden  
364. Trader Media East Limited Netherlands  
365. Traffix, Inc. United States New York
366. Trans-Industries, Inc. United States Michigan
367. Trans-Lux Corporation United States Connecticut
368. Transdermal Asia Holdings (Parent) South Korea  
369. Transdermal Asia Holdings Co Ltd South Korea  
370. Tri-Stage Inc. Japan  
371. Trig Media Group AB Sweden  
372. True North Communications   United States Illinois
373. Tuto4pc com Group SA France  
374. TYO INC. Japan  
375. Typhoon Resources Corp Canada  
376. UBM Plc United Kingdom  
377. United Communications Partners Inc Sweden  
378. United Group For Publishing Adv Mktng Syria  
379. Universal Outdoor Holding   United States Illinois
380. USA Investco Holdings Inc United States North Carolina
381. USSPI Media Inc United States Illinois
382. Valassis Communications, Inc. United States Michigan
383. Vela Technologies PLC United Kingdom  
384. Venture Six Plc United Kingdom  
385. Venturia plc United Kingdom  
386. Vertical Branding Inc United States California
387. Vertis Inc United States Maryland
388. Vertrue LLC United States Connecticut
389. VGI Global Media PCL Thailand  
390. VideOcart, Inc.   United States Illinois
391. Vietnam National Trade Fair & Advg JSC Vietnam  
392. Visant Corporation United States New York
393. Vision Media Group (International) plc United Kingdom  
394. VisionChina Media Inc (ADR) China  
395. We've Inc. Japan  
396. Web Media Group AD Sofia Bulgaria  
397. WFCA Plc United Kingdom  
398. WPP PLC United Kingdom  
399. WPP PLC (ADR) United Kingdom  
400. Xinhua Sports & Entertainment Ltd (ADR) China  
401. Xtreme Motorsports International Inc United States Nevada
402. yesmail.com, inc.   United States Illinois
403. YOC AG Germany  
404. Young & Rubicam Inc. United States New York
405. Yus International Group Ltd Hong Kong  
406. Zetadisplay AB Sweden  
407. Zhejiang Daily Media Group Co Ltd China  
408. Zimmerman Sign Company   United States Texas


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