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Directory of Public Companies in Industry: Communications Services

A complete commercial credit report with financial statements is available for every company listed below, and for more than 40,000 public companies in our worldwide data base. But don't take our word for it. Examine a typical commercial credit report for free. We're sure you will agree that the quality of our commercial credit report is second to none. Note: Light grey text indicates a business whose financial statements are not current.
Covering $49 trillion of revenue worldwide (World GDP is $70 trillion)

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1. IMPSAT Fiber Networks, Inc. Argentina  
2. Nortel Inversora SA Argentina  
3. Nortel Inversora SA (ADR) Argentina  
4. Telecom Argentina SA Argentina  
5. Telecom Argentina SA (ADR) Argentina  
6. Telefonica de Argentina SA Argentina  
7. Telefonica de Argentina SA (ADR) Argentina  
8. Telefonica Holding de Argentina S.A. Argentina  
9. Anittel Group Ltd Australia  
10. Azurn International Limited Australia  
11. BigAir Group Limited Australia  
12. Broad Investments Limited Australia  
13. China Education Limited Australia  
14. Clever Communications Australia Australia  
15. E-Pay Asia Ltd. Australia  
16. Eftel Ltd Australia  
17. Engin Limited Australia  
18. Hutchison Telecommunications (Aus) Ltd Australia  
19. Intrapower Limited Australia  
20. M2 Group Ltd Australia  
21. Macquarie Communic. Infrastructure Group Australia  
22. Macquarie Telecom Group Ltd. Australia  
23. Mnemon Ltd Australia  
24. Moko Social Media Ltd Australia  
25. My Net Fone Limited Australia  
26. New Tel Limited Australia  
27. New Tel Limited (ADR) Australia  
28. Newsat Limited Australia  
29. Newzulu Ltd Australia  
30. Nexbis Ltd Australia  
31. Orion Telecommunications Limited Australia  
32. People Telecom Limited Australia  
33. Pipe Networks Limited Australia  
34. PowerTel Limited Australia  
35. Primary Opinion Ltd Australia  
36. Queste Communications Limited Australia  
37. Reverse Corp Limited Australia  
38. Seven Network Limited Australia  
39. Tel.Pacific Ltd Australia  
40. Telstra Corporation Ltd Australia  
41. Telstra Corporation Ltd Australia  
42. TPG Telecom Ltd Australia  
43. Uecomm Limited Australia  
44. Unwired Group Limited Australia  
45. CyberTron Telekom AG Austria  
46. Telekom Austria AG Austria  
47. Telekom Austria AG (ADR) Austria  
48. Bahrain Telecommunications Company BSC Bahrain  
49. Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Ltd Bangladesh  
50. Grameenphone Ltd Bangladesh  
51. Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Limited Barbados  
52. Sunbeach Communications Inc. Barbados  
53. Sunbeach Communications Incorporated Barbados  
54. Belgacom NV Belgium  
55. Mobistar SA Belgium  
56. Zenitel NV Belgium  
57. Asia Global Crossing Ltd. Bermuda  
58. FLAG Telecom Holdings Ltd Bermuda  
59. Global Crossing Ltd Bermuda  
60. Iridium World Comm. Ltd. Bermuda  
61. KeyTech Limited Bermuda  
62. New Skies Satellites Holdings Ltd. Bermuda  
63. RSL Communications, Ltd. Bermuda  
64. Teleglobe International Holdings Ltd. Bermuda  
65. BH Telecom d.d. Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina  
66. Telekom Srpske a.d. Banja Luka Bosnia and Herzegovina  
67. Americel SA Brazil  
68. Brasil Telecom Participacoes SA Brazil  
69. Brasil Telecom Participacoes SA (ADR) Brazil  
70. Capri Participacoes SA Brazil  
71. Celular CRT Participacoes S.A. Brazil  
72. Coari Participacoes SA Brazil  
73. Embratel Participacoes S.A. (ADR) Brazil  
74. Embratel Participacoes SA Brazil  
75. Geodex Communications SA Brazil  
76. GVT (Holding) SA Brazil  
77. Inepar Telecomunicacoes SA Brazil  
78. Jereissati Participacoes SA Brazil  
79. Jereissati Telecom SA Brazil  
80. LF Tel SA Brazil  
81. Oi SA Brazil  
82. Oi SA (ADR) Brazil  
83. Plus SMS Holdings Ltd. Brazil  
84. Tele Centro Oeste Celular Part. SA Brazil  
85. Tele Centro Oeste Celular Part. SA (ADR) Brazil  
86. Tele Leste Celular Participacoes Brazil  
87. Tele Leste Celular Participacoes (ADR) Brazil  
88. Tele Nordeste Celular Part. SA Brazil  
89. Tele Nordeste Celular Part. SA (ADR) Brazil  
90. Tele Norte Celular Participacoes (ADR) Brazil  
91. Tele Norte Celular Participacoes SA Brazil  
92. Tele Norte Leste Participacoes SA Brazil  
93. Tele Norte Leste Participacoes SA (ADR) Brazil  
94. Tele Sudeste Celular Participacoes Brazil  
95. Tele Sudeste Celular Participacoes (ADR) Brazil  
96. Telecom Brasileiras S.A.-TELEBRAS (ADR) Brazil  
97. Telefonica Brasil SA Brazil  
98. Telefonica Brasil SA (ADR) Brazil  
99. Telefonica Data Brasil Holding S.A. Brazil  
100. Telemar Norte Leste SA Brazil  
101. Telemar Participacoes SA Brazil  
102. Telemig Celular Participacoes SA Brazil  
103. Telemig Celular Participacoes SA (ADR) Brazil  
104. Telemig Celular SA Brazil  
105. TIM Participacoes SA Brazil  
106. TIM Participacoes SA (ADR) Brazil  
107. TIM Sul SA Brazil  
108. Vivo Participacoes S.A. Brazil  
109. Vivo Participacoes SA (ADR) Brazil  
110. Bulgarska telekomunikatsionna komp AD Bulgaria  
111. Mart Bulgaria AD Sofia v likvidatsiya Bulgaria  
112. BCE Mobile Communications   Canada  
113. eDispatch.com Wireless (OLD)   Canada  
114. Directcash Payments Inc Canada  
115. Epicus Communications Group, Inc. Canada  
116. MetroNet Communications   Canada  
117. Poynt Corp Canada  
118. 360networks Inc. Canada  
119. 360networks, Inc. (USA) Canada  
120. Canada Payphone Corp. Canada  
121. Glentel Inc. Canada  
122. Global Light Telecommunications, Inc.   Canada  
123. Global Light Telecommunications, Inc. (USA)   Canada  
124. Globus Wireless Ltd. Canada  
125. Jemtec Inc. Canada  
126. Nexaira Wireless, Inc. Canada  
127. Nicer Canada Corp. Canada  
128. Omnicity Corp. Canada  
129. Teliphone Corp Canada  
130. TELUS Corporation Canada  
131. TELUS Corporation (USA) Canada  
132. Times Telecom, Inc. Canada  
133. Total Telcom Inc Canada  
134. Webtech Wireless Inc. Canada  
135. Yangtze Telecom Corp. Canada  
136. Manitoba Telecom Services Inc Canada  
137. Bell Aliant Inc Canada  
138. AirIQ Inc. Canada  
139. Allstream Inc (USA) Canada  
140. Allstream Inc. Canada  
141. Amtelecom Income Fund Canada  
142. AT&T Canada (old)   Canada  
143. AT&T Canada (USA) (OLD)   Canada  
144. Axxent Inc.   Canada  
145. Canadian Satellite Comm. Canada  
146. Certicom Corp. Canada  
147. Certicom Corp. (USA) Canada  
148. Clearnet Communications Canada  
149. GT Group Telecom Inc.   Canada  
150. GT Group Telecom Inc. (USA)   Canada  
151. Heritage Global Inc Canada  
152. HitCom Corporation   Canada  
153. IseeMedia Inc Canada  
154. Mirtronics Incorporated Canada  
155. New Hilarity, Inc.   Canada  
156. Nortel Networks Ltd Canada  
157. NTG Clarity Networks Inc. Canada  
158. Orbit E-Commerce, Inc. Canada  
159. Redknee Solutions Inc. Canada  
160. Redline Communications Inc. Canada  
161. Rogers Communications Inc. Canada  
162. Rogers Communications Inc. (USA) Canada  
163. Rogers Telecom Holdings Inc. Canada  
164. Rogers Telecom Holdings Inc. (USA) Canada  
165. Rogers Wireless Commun. Canada  
166. Rogers Wireless Commun. (USA) Canada  
167. Selectcore Ltd. Canada  
168. Spot Mobile International Ltd Canada  
169. Telehop Communications Inc Canada  
170. Tellza Communications Inc Canada  
171. TeraGo Inc. Canada  
172. Wi-LAN Inc. Canada  
173. Yak Communications, Inc. Canada  
174. BCE Inc. Canada  
175. BCE Inc. (USA) Canada  
176. Bell Canada International Inc. Canada  
177. Bell Canada International Inc. (USA) Canada  
178. Datacom Wireless Corp. Canada  
179. Intercable ICH Inc. Canada  
180. Knowlton Capital Inc Canada  
181. Manaris 2010 Corp Canada  
182. Microcell Telecommunications Inc. Canada  
183. Microcell Telecommunications Inc.(USA) Canada  
184. New York Telecom Exchange Inc Canada  
185. NHC Communications Canada  
186. Quebecor Media Inc Canada  
187. Quebecor, Inc. Canada  
188. SRX Post Holdings Inc. Canada  
189. SRX Post Holdings Inc. (USA) Canada  
190. Teleglobe, Inc. Canada  
191. Telesystem International Wireless (USA) Canada  
192. Telesystem International Wireless Inc. Canada  
193. Saskatchewan Telecomm Hldg Corp Canada  
194. Xcelera Inc. Cayman Islands  
195. Almendral SA Chile  
196. Almendral SA (Parent) Chile  
197. Almendral Telecomunicaciones SA Chile  
198. Claro Comunicaciones SA Chile  
199. Claro Comunicaciones SA (Parent) Chile  
200. Compania de Telefonos de Coyhaique SA Chile  
201. Compania Nacional de Telefonos Tlfnc Sur Chile  
202. Compania Nacional de Tlfns Tlfnc Sur (P) Chile  
203. Empresa Nacional de Telecom (Parent) Chile  
204. Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones Chile  
205. Telefonica Chile SA Chile  
206. Telefonica Chile SA (ADR) Chile  
207. Telefonica Chile SA (Parent) Chile  
208. Telefonica del Sur Servicios Intermedios Chile  
209. Telefonica Larga Distancia S.A. Chile  
210. Telmex Corp. (ADR) Chile  
211. Transam Comunicaciones S.A. Chile  
212. Ace Achieve Infocom Limited China  
213. Beijing Bewinner Communications Co., Ltd China  
214. China Communications Services Corp. Ltd. China  
215. China Grentech Corporation Limited (ADR) China  
216. China Netcom Group Corp (HK) Ltd (ADR) China  
217. China Telecom Corporation Limited China  
218. China Telecom Corporation Limited (ADR) China  
219. China Teletech Ltd China  
220. China United Network Communications Ltd China  
221. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd China  
222. KongZhong Corporation (ADR) China  
223. Net263 Ltd. China  
224. PacificNet Inc. China  
225. REDtone Asia Inc China  
226. Sinotel Technologies Ltd China  
227. Smooth Global (China) Holdings, Inc. China  
228. UTStarcom Holdings Corp China  
229. Colombia Movil S.A. E.S.P. Colombia  
230. Edatel S.A. E.S.P. Colombia  
231. Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogota Colombia  
232. Empresa de TelecomunicacionesBgt(Parent) Colombia  
233. Telefonica Moviles Colombia S.A. Colombia  
234. Hrvatski Telekom dd Croatia  
235. OT-Optima Telekom d.d. Croatia  
236. PrimeTel Plc Cyprus  
237. Teleset Networks Public Limited Company Cyprus  
238. Aliatel A.S. Czech Republic  
239. CESKE RADIOKOMUNIKACE a.s. Czech Republic  
240. O2 Czech Republic as Czech Republic  
241. TDC A/S Denmark  
242. TDC A/S (ADR) Denmark  
243. Tricom, S.A. (ADR) Dominican Republic  
244. Servicios Cybercell SA Ecuador  
245. Egyptian Company for Mobile Services Egypt  
246. Global Telecom Holding SAE Egypt  
247. Global Telecom Holding SAE - GDR Egypt  
248. Orascom Telcom Media and Tech Hold SAE Egypt  
249. Telecom Egypt Company Egypt  
250. Vodafone Egypt Telecommunications Co SAE Egypt  
251. Eesti Telekom AS Estonia  
252. Amalgamated Telecom Holding Limited Fiji  
253. Elisa Oyj Finland  
254. Saunalahti Group Oyj Finland  
255. Sonera Corporation Finland  
256. Sonera Corporation (ADR) Finland  
257. Acropolis Telecom SA France  
258. Afone SA France  
259. Budget Telecom France  
260. citeFibre SA France  
261. CompleTel Europe NV France  
262. CompleTel Europe NV (ADR) France  
263. CTM France  
264. EMS TELECOM France  
265. Eutelsat Communications SA France  
266. Focal Communications France  
267. Foliateam TR Services France  
268. Genesys SA France  
269. Genesys SA (ADR) France  
270. Groupe Outremer Telecom SA France  
271. IC Telecom SA France  
272. Iliad SA France  
273. Index Multimedia SA France  
274. Infosat Telecom SA France  
275. Intercall SA France  
276. Kertel SAS France  
277. Keyyo France  
278. Neuf Cegetel SA France  
279. Normaction SA France  
280. Orange S.A. France  
281. Orange SA France  
282. Orange SA France  
283. Orange SA (ADR) France  
284. Societe Europeenne (ADR) France  
285. Societe Francaise du Radiotelephone SFR France  
286. Telemedia Group SA France  
287. Vivendi (ADR) France  
288. Vivendi SA France  
289. Western Telecom France  
290. 3U Holding AG Germany  
291. conVISUAL AG Germany  
292. Deutsche Telekom AG Germany  
293. Deutsche Telekom AG (ADR) Germany  
294. Drillisch AG Germany  
295. Ecotel Communication AG Germany  
296. eteleon e-solutions AG Germany  
297. EUTEX European Telco Exchange AG Germany  
298. freenet AG Germany  
299. HFO Telecom AG Germany  
300. LHS AG Germany  
301. MobilCom AG Germany  
302. Mox Telecom AG Germany  
303. net mobile AG Germany  
304. QSC AG Germany  
305. QSC AG (ADR) Germany  
306. Telefonica Deutschland Holding AG Germany  
307. Versatel AG Germany  
308. Vodafone AG Germany  
309. Vodafone AG (ADR) Germany  
310. Cosmote Mobile Telecomm. Greece  
311. Forthnet S.A. Greece  
312. Hellas Online S.A. Greece  
313. Hellenic Telecom Organization S.A. (ADR) Greece  
315. IDEAL Group S.A. Greece  
316. Intracom Holdings S.A. Greece  
317. LAN-NET S.A. Greece  
318. Newsphone Hellas S.A. Greece  
319. Stet Hellas Telecomm. S.A Greece  
320. Vodafone-Panafon S.A. Greece  
321. WIND Hellas Telecommunications S.A. Greece  
322. APT Satellite Holdings (ADR) Hong Kong  
323. APT Satellite Holdings Limited Hong Kong  
324. Asia Satellite Telecom Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong  
325. Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (ADR) Hong Kong  
326. BBMF Corporation Hong Kong  
327. Cable & Wireless HKT Ltd. (ADR)   Hong Kong  
328. China Mobile Ltd. Hong Kong  
329. China Mobile Ltd. (ADR) Hong Kong  
330. China Netcom Group Corp. (HK) Ltd. Hong Kong  
331. China Resources Peoples Telephone Co Ltd Hong Kong  
332. China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited Hong Kong  
333. China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited (ADR) Hong Kong  
334. CITIC 21CN Co Ltd Hong Kong  
335. Citic Telecom International Holdings Ltd Hong Kong  
336. CN Communica. Telecom Services Co. Ltd. Hong Kong  
337. Directel Holdings Limited Hong Kong  
338. e-Kong Group Limited Hong Kong  
339. Easson Telecom Ltd Hong Kong  
340. GINSMS Inc. Hong Kong  
341. Globe Net Wireless Corp Hong Kong  
342. Gold Tat Group International Ltd Hong Kong  
343. Ground Properties Co Ltd Hong Kong  
344. HKT Trust Hong Kong  
345. Hutchison Global Communications Holdings Hong Kong  
346. Hutchison Telecom Intl. Limited (ADR) Hong Kong  
347. Hutchison Telecommunications HK Hld Ltd Hong Kong  
348. Hutchison Telecommunications Intnl. ltd. Hong Kong  
349. Netel Technology (Holdings) Ltd. Hong Kong  
350. PCCW Limited Hong Kong  
351. PCCW Limited (ADR) Hong Kong  
352. Shanghai Land Holdings Limited Hong Kong  
353. SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Ltd Hong Kong  
354. SUNDAY Communications Limited Hong Kong  
355. SUNDAY Communications Limited (ADR) Hong Kong  
356. Vision Values Holdings Limited Hong Kong  
357. WHEREVER.net Holding Corp (ADR) Hong Kong  
358. Externet Tlkmmnkcs es Intrnt Szlglt Nyrt Hungary  
359. Invitel Holdings A/S Hungary  
360. Magyar Telekom Tavkozlesi Nyrt Hungary  
361. Magyar Telekom Tavkozlesi Nyrt (ADR) Hungary  
362. NORDTELEKOM Tavkozlesi Szolgaltato Nyrt Hungary  
363. Tvnetwork Telekommunikacios Szolgaltato Hungary  
364. 365 hf Iceland  
365. Fjarskipti hf Iceland  
366. Acme Tele Power Limited India  
367. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. India  
368. Bharti Airtel Limited India  
369. Bharti Airtel Limited (Parent) India  
370. Bharti Telecom Ltd India  
371. Dhanus Technologies Ltd. India  
372. GTL Infrastructure Limited India  
373. Idea Cellular Ltd India  
374. Idea Cellular Ltd (Parent) India  
375. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd India  
376. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (ADR) India  
377. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (Parent) India  
378. Megasoft Ltd India  
379. Nu Tek India Limited India  
380. One97 Communications Limited India  
381. ORG Informatics Limited India  
382. Planet 41 Mobi- Venture Limited India  
383. Proto Developers And Technologies Ltd India  
384. Punjab Wireless Systems Ltd   India  
385. Quadrant Televentures Ltd India  
386. Quadrant Televentures Ltd (Parent) India  
387. Reliance Communications Ltd India  
388. Reliance Communications Ltd (Parent) India  
389. Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd India  
390. Spanco Ltd India  
391. Spanco Ltd India  
392. Spice Communications Ltd. India  
393. Spice Digital Ltd India  
394. Tanla Solutions Limited India  
395. Tanla Solutions Limited (Parent) India  
396. Tata Communications Limited India  
397. Tata Communications Limited (ADR) India  
398. Tata Communications Limited. (Parent) India  
399. Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited India  
400. Tulip Telecom Ltd India  
401. Tulip Telecom Ltd (Parent) India  
402. XL Energy Ltd India  
403. Bakrie Telecom Tbk PT Indonesia  
404. Indosat Tbk PT Indonesia  
405. Indosat Tbk PT (ADR) Indonesia  
406. Inti Bangun Sejahtera Tbk PT Indonesia  
407. Pasifik Satelit Nusantara PT Indonesia  
408. PT Infoasia Teknologi Global Tbk Indonesia  
409. Sarana Menara Nusantara Tbk PT Indonesia  
410. Smartfren Telecom Tbk PT Indonesia  
411. Telekomunikasi Indns Tbk Prshn PP PT-ADR Indonesia  
412. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk Prshn PP PT Indonesia  
413. Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk PT Indonesia  
414. XL Axiata Tbk PT Indonesia  
415. eircom Group plc Ireland  
416. eircom Group plc (ADR) Ireland  
417. ERC Ireland Finance Limited Ireland  
418. Esat Telecom Group plc (ADR) Ireland  
419. Prime Active Capital plc Ireland  
420. Zamano Plc Ireland  
421. Inmarsat Launch Company Limited Isle of Man  
422. B Communications Ltd Israel  
423. Bezeq the Israeli Telecomunictn Corp Ltd Israel  
424. Cellcom Israel Ltd. Israel  
425. Discount Investment Corp Ltd Israel  
426. ECtel Ltd. Israel  
427. Elbit Ltd. Israel  
428. ForSoft Ltd.   Israel  
429. Gilat Satcom Limited Israel  
430. IDB Development Corp Ltd Israel  
431. Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd Israel  
432. Leadcom Integrated Solutions Ltd. Israel  
433. m-Wise, Inc. Israel  
434. MTI Computers & Software Services Ltd. Israel  
435. Opal Balance Investments Ltd Israel  
436. Partner Communications Company Ltd Israel  
437. Partner Communications Company Ltd (ADR) Israel  
438. Pointer Telocation Ltd Israel  
439. RRSat Global Communications Network Ltd. Israel  
440. Scailex Corp., Ltd. Israel  
441. Space-Communication Ltd. Israel  
442. Suny Electronic Inc. Ltd. Israel  
443. Zone-IP Ltd. Israel  
444. Ei Towers SpA Italy  
445. Elitel Telecom S.p.A Italy  
446. Eutelia SpA Italy  
447. Fastweb SpA Italy  
448. I.Net S.p.A. Italy  
449. Reti Telematiche Italiane SpA Italy  
450. Sirti SpA Italy  
451. Telecom Italia Mobile SpA Italy  
452. Telecom Italia S.p.A. (ADR) (OLD) Italy  
453. Telecom Italia S.p.A. (OLD) Italy  
454. Telecom Italia SpA Italy  
455. Telecom Italia SpA (ADR) Italy  
456. Teleunit S.p.A. Italy  
457. Cable and Wireless Jamaica Limited Jamaica  
458. ACCA Networks Co., Ltd. Japan  
459. ASCII Solutions, Inc. Japan  
460. BellSystem, 24 Inc. Japan  
461. Crosswave Communications Inc. (ADR) Japan  
462. eAccess Ltd Japan  
463. Forval Corp Japan  
464. Hitachi Mobile Co., Ltd. Japan  
465. Invoice Inc. Japan  
466. Japan Communication Inc. Japan  
467. KDDI Corp Japan  
468. KDDI Corp (Parent) Japan  
470. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp (ADR) Japan  
471. Nippon Telegraph And Tele Corp (Parent) Japan  
472. Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corp Japan  
473. NTT Docomo Inc Japan  
474. NTT Docomo Inc (ADR) Japan  
475. NTT Docomo Inc (Parent) Japan  
477. S K I. CORPORATION Japan  
478. Softbank Corp Japan  
479. Softbank Corp (Parent) Japan  
480. Softbank Corp (USA) Japan  
481. Vodafone Holdings K.K. (ADR) Japan  
482. Vodafone K.K. Japan  
483. WirelessGate Inc Japan  
484. Yozan Inc. Japan  
485. Batelco Jordan Jordan  
486. Jordan Telecom Group Jordan  
487. Astel AO Kazakhstan  
488. Kazakhtelekom AO Kazakhstan  
489. KazTransCom AO Kazakhstan  
490. Kcell AO Kazakhstan  
491. Sky Silk AO Kazakhstan  
492. AccessKenya Group Kenya  
493. Safaricom Limited Kenya  
494. Al Deera Holding Co KSCC Kuwait  
495. Hits Telecom Holding Co. K.S.C.C. Kuwait  
496. Mobile Telecommunications Company KSC Kuwait  
497. National Mobile Telecommunications Co. Kuwait  
498. TEO LT, AB Lithuania  
499. Carrier1 International Luxembourg  
500. Carrier1 International (ADR) Luxembourg  
501. Colt Group SA Luxembourg  
502. FirstMark Communications   Luxembourg  
503. Intelsat SA Luxembourg  
504. Millicom International Cellular SA (USA) Luxembourg  
505. Millicom International Cellular SA(SWE) Luxembourg  
506. SES SA Luxembourg  
507. Makedonski Telekom AD Skopje Macedonia  
508. TeleKom Networks Malawi Ltd Malawi  
509. Axiata Group Berhad Malaysia  
510. Cybertowers Berhad Malaysia  
511. Digi.com Berhad Malaysia  
512. Digistar Corporation Berhad Malaysia  
513. FCW Holdings Berhad Malaysia  
514. M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad Malaysia  
515. MAXIS BERHAD Malaysia  
516. Maxis Communications Berhad Malaysia  
517. MEASAT Global Berhad Malaysia  
518. MNC Wireless Berhad Malaysia  
519. mTouche Technology Bhd Malaysia  
520. NasionCom Holdings Berhad Malaysia  
521. Nexgram Holdings Bhd Malaysia  
522. Redtone International Berhad Malaysia  
523. Technology Resources Industries Berhad Malaysia  
524. Telekom Malaysia Berhad Malaysia  
525. TIME DOTCOM BERHAD Malaysia  
526. Xinghe Holdings Bhd Malaysia  
527. YTL e-Solutions Berhad Malaysia  
528. GO plc Malta  
529. Loqus Holdings PLC Malta  
530. SeaNet Maritime Communications AB Malta  
531. America Movil SAB de CV Mexico  
532. America Movil SAB de CV (ADR) Mexico  
533. Axtel S.A.B. De C.V. Mexico  
534. Biper S.A. de C.V. (ADR)   Mexico  
535. Carso Global Telecom SAB de CV Mexico  
536. Grupo Iusacell S.A. de C.V. (ADR) Mexico  
537. Grupo Iusacell SAB de CV Mexico  
538. Grupo Movil Access, S.A. de C.V. Mexico  
539. Maxcom Telecomunic S.A.B. de C.V. (ADR) Mexico  
540. Maxcom Telecomunicaciones SA de CV Mexico  
541. Satelites Mexicanos, S. A. de C. V. Mexico  
542. Tel‚fonos de M‚xico, S.A.B. de C.V. Mexico  
543. Tel‚fonos de M‚xico, S.A.B. de C.V. (ADR) Mexico  
544. Telmex Internacional, S.A.B. DE C.V. Mexico  
545. Telmex Internacional, S.A.B. DE CV (ADR) Mexico  
546. Unefon S.A. Mexico  
547. Crnogorski Telekom ad Podgorica Montenegro  
548. Maroc Telecom SA Morocco  
549. Endemol NV Netherlands  
550. Equant N.V. Netherlands  
551. Equant N.V. (ADR) Netherlands  
552. Koninklijke KPN N.V. Netherlands  
553. Koninklijke KPN N.V. (ADR) Netherlands  
554. KPNQwest N. V. Netherlands  
555. New Skies Satellites N.V. Netherlands  
556. New Skies Satellites N.V. (ADR) Netherlands  
557. Priority Telecom N.V. Netherlands  
558. SNT Group NV Netherlands  
559. Teleconnect Inc Netherlands  
560. Versatel Telecom International N.V. Netherlands  
561. Versatel Telecom International N.V.(ADR) Netherlands  
562. Vimpel-Communications (ADR) Netherlands  
563. VimpelCom Ltd (ADR) Netherlands  
564. Vodafone Libertel NV Netherlands  
565. Ziggo NV Netherlands  
566. Vimpel-Communications Netherlands  
567. Spark New Zealand Ltd New Zealand  
568. Spark New Zealand Ltd (ADR) New Zealand  
569. TeamTalk Ltd. New Zealand  
570. IHS Nigeria Plc Nigeria  
571. Mass Telecom Innovation Limited Nigeria  
572. Starcomms PLC Nigeria  
573. Catch Communications ASA Norway  
574. NextGenTel Holding ASA Norway  
575. Sense Communications International ASA Norway  
576. Telenor ASA Norway  
577. Telenor ASA (ADR) Norway  
578. Telio Holding ASA Norway  
579. Oman Telecommunications Company Oman  
580. Omani Qatari Telecommunications Co SAOG Oman  
581. Callmate Telips Telecom Ltd Pakistan  
582. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. Pakistan  
583. TeleCard Limited Group Pakistan  
584. TPL Trakker Ltd Pakistan  
585. Wateen Telecom (Pvt) Ltd Pakistan  
586. WorldCall Telecom Limited Pakistan  
587. GlobalCom Telecommunications Plc Palestine  
588. Palestinian Telecommunications Company Palestine  
589. Wataniya Palestine Telecom Palestine  
590. Telefonica del Peru (ADR) Peru  
591. Telefonica del Peru S.A.A. Peru  
592. Telefonica del Peru SAA Peru  
593. Telefonica Empresas Peru S.A.A. Peru  
594. Telefonica Moviles Peru Holding (Parent) Peru  
595. Telefonica Moviles Peru Holding S.A.A. Peru  
596. Telefonica Moviles SA Peru  
597. Digital Telecommunications Philippines Philippines  
598. Globe Telecom, Inc. Philippines  
599. Liberty Telecoms Holdings Inc Philippines  
600. Now Corp Philippines  
601. Philippine Long Distance Telephone (ADR) Philippines  
602. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. Philippines  
603. PLDT Commn & Energy Ventures Inc Philippines  
604. ATM SA Poland  
605. Hawe SA Poland  
606. Hyperion SA Poland  
607. MEDIATEL SA Poland  
608. Midas SA Poland  
609. MNI Centrum Uslug SA Poland  
610. MNI SA Poland  
611. Netia Holdings S.A. (ADR) Poland  
612. Netia SA Poland  
613. Orange Polska SA Poland  
614. SPRAY SA Poland  
615. Telestrada SA Poland  
616. Tell SA Poland  
617. Unima 2000 Systemy Teleinformatyczne SA Poland  
618. Portugal Telecom SGPS SA Portugal  
619. Portugal Telecom, SGPS (ADR) Portugal  
620. Sonaecom SGPS SA Portugal  
621. Vodafone Telecel Comunicacoes Pessoais Portugal  
622. Cortelco Systems Puerto Rico Inc Puerto Rico  
623. Ooredoo QSC Qatar  
624. Vodafone Qatar QSC Qatar  
625. Central Telecommunications Company OJSC (P) Russia  
626. Dagsvyaz'inform OAO Russia  
627. Dagsvyaz'inform OAO (Parent) Russia  
628. Dal'svyaz' OAO Russia  
629. Golden Telecom, Inc. Russia  
630. Kazanskaia GTS OAO (Parent) Russia  
631. Komstar - Obyedinennye TeleSistemy OAO Russia  
632. Komstar-Ob'edinennye TeleSistemy OAO (P) Russia  
633. Lensviaz' OAO (Parent) Russia  
634. Megafon OAO Russia  
635. Severo-Zapadnyi Telekom OAO Russia  
636. Severo-Zapadnyi Telekom OAO (P) Russia  
637. Sibir'telekom OAO Russia  
638. Sibir'telekom OAO (P) Russia  
639. Southern Telecommunications OJSC (P) Russia  
640. Sviaz' Respubliki Komi OAO (Parent) Russia  
641. TsentrTelekom OAO Russia  
642. Tyumenneftegazsvyaz' OAO (P) Russia  
643. Uralsvyaz'inform OAO Russia  
644. Uralsvyaz'inform OAO (P) Russia  
645. VolgaTelekom OAO Russia  
646. VolgaTelekom OAO (P) Russia  
647. Vympel - Kommunikatsii OAO (P) Russia  
648. AFK Sistema OAO Russian Federation  
649. Bashinformsvyaz' OAO (P) Russian Federation  
650. Baykalvestkom ZAO   Russian Federation  
651. Baykalvestkom ZAO (Parent) Russian Federation  
652. Dal'nevostochnaya kompaniya elektro (P) Russian Federation  
653. Investitsionnaya kompaniya svyazi OAO Russian Federation  
654. Megafon OAO Russian Federation  
655. Megafon OAO (P) Russian Federation  
656. MiMES Rostelekom OAO Russian Federation  
657. MiMES Rostelekom OAO (ADR) Russian Federation  
658. MiMES Rostelekom OAO (Parent) Russian Federation  
659. Mobil'nye TeleSistemy OAO Russian Federation  
660. Mobil'nye TeleSistemy OAO (P) Russian Federation  
661. Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (ADR) Russian Federation  
662. Moskov. gorodsk. telefon. set' OAO (P) Russian Federation  
663. Moskovskaya gorodskaya tel. set' OAO Russian Federation  
664. SMARTS OAO (P) Russian Federation  
665. Southern Telecommunications PJSC Russian Federation  
666. Tattelekom OAO Russian Federation  
667. Tattelekom OAO (P) Russian Federation  
668. Trest Svyaz'stroy-6 OAO (P) Russian Federation  
669. Tsentral'nyi Telegraf OAO Russian Federation  
670. Tsentral'nyi Telegraf OAO (P) Russian Federation  
671. VympelKom Finance OOO (P) Russian Federation  
672. Etihad Atheeb Telecommunication Co Saudi Arabia  
673. Etihad Etisalat Company Saudi Arabia  
674. Saudi Integrated Telecom Co Saudi Arabia  
675. Saudi Mobile Telecommunications Company Saudi Arabia  
676. Saudi Telecom Company Saudi Arabia  
677. Sonatel S.A. Senegal  
678. Telefonija a.d. Beograd Serbia  
679. Captii Ltd Singapore  
680. ChinaCast Communication Holdings Ltd. Singapore  
681. M1 Ltd Singapore  
682. MNC Media Investment Ltd (ADR) Singapore  
683. Next Generation Satellite Communctns Ltd Singapore  
684. Polaris Ltd Singapore  
685. Singapore Telecommunications Limited Singapore  
686. Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (CHESS) Singapore  
687. Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. (ADR) Singapore  
688. StarHub Ltd. Singapore  
689. Telekom Slovenije dd Slovenia  
690. Allied Electronics Corporation Limited South Africa  
691. Allied Technologies Limited South Africa  
692. Beget Holdings Limited South Africa  
693. Blue Label Telecoms Limited South Africa  
694. Celcom Group Limited South Africa  
695. Foneworx Holdings Limited South Africa  
696. Huge Group Ltd. South Africa  
697. MTN Group Limited South Africa  
698. Spescom Limited South Africa  
699. Telkom SA SOC Ltd South Africa  
700. Telkom SA SOC Ltd (ADR) South Africa  
701. Vodacom Group Ltd South Africa  
702. Dreamline Corporation South Korea  
703. ENERWIN Co., Ltd. South Korea  
704. Eron Technologies Corporation   South Korea  
705. Eyesvision Corp South Korea  
706. Hanaro Telecom, Inc.   South Korea  
707. KINX Co Ltd South Korea  
708. Korea Thrunet Co., Ltd. South Korea  
709. KT Corporation South Korea  
710. KT Corporation (ADR) South Korea  
711. KT Corporation (Parent) South Korea  
712. KT Freetel Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
713. KT Freetel Co., Ltd. South Korea  
714. LG Dacom Corporation South Korea  
715. LG Powercom Corporation South Korea  
716. LG Uplus Corp South Korea  
717. LG Uplus Corp (Parent) South Korea  
718. nTorino Corporation Inc. South Korea  
719. Onse telecom Corporation South Korea  
720. Onse telecom Corporation (Parent) South Korea  
721. Pantech Co., Ltd South Korea  
722. SK Broadband Co Ltd South Korea  
723. SK Broadband Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
724. SK Broadband Co., Ltd. (ADR) South Korea  
725. SK Telecom Co Ltd South Korea  
726. SK Telecom Co Ltd (ADR) South Korea  
727. SK Telecom Co Ltd (Parent) South Korea  
728. YAHOH Communications Co., Ltd. South Korea  
729. Amper SA Spain  
730. LaNetro Zed S.A. Spain  
731. LET'S GOWEX SA Spain  
732. Telefonica Moviles, S.A. Spain  
733. Telefonica Moviles, S.A. (ADR) Spain  
734. Telefonica S.A. (ADR) Spain  
735. Telefonica SA Spain  
736. Dialog Axiata PLC. Sri Lanka  
737. Sri Lanka Telecom PLC Sri Lanka  
738. Suntel Ltd Sri Lanka  
739. Sudatel Telecom Group Ltd Sudan  
740. AllTele Allmanna Svenska Telefon AB Sweden  
741. Aspiro AB Sweden  
742. Availo publ AB Sweden  
743. Bahnhof AB Sweden  
744. CellPoint Inc. Sweden  
745. Devicom AB Sweden  
746. DO Networks Sverige AB Sweden  
747. Europolitan Vodafone AB Sweden  
748. Free2Move Holding AB Sweden  
749. Glocalnet AB Sweden  
750. Labs2 Group AB Sweden  
751. Song Networks Holding AB Sweden  
752. Song Networks Holding AB (ADR)   Sweden  
753. Stockwik Forvaltning AB Sweden  
754. Tele2 AB Sweden  
755. Tele2 AB (ADR) Sweden  
756. TeliaSonera AB Sweden  
757. TeliaSonera AB (ADR) Sweden  
758. Teligent AB Sweden  
759. Utfors AB Sweden  
760. Xtranet Gruppen i Stockholm AB Sweden  
761. AMITELO AG Switzerland  
762. API Invest & Finanz in Liquidation AG Switzerland  
763. Qnective Inc Switzerland  
764. Residual Corp   Switzerland  
765. Swisscom AG Switzerland  
766. Swisscom AG (ADR) Switzerland  
767. UTG Communications Int'l. Switzerland  
768. Asia Pacific Telecom Co.,Ltd. Taiwan  
769. Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd Taiwan  
770. Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd (ADR) Taiwan  
771. Digital United Inc. Taiwan  
772. Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. Taiwan  
773. First International Telecom Corp Taiwan  
774. Kingland Real Estate Co Ltd Taiwan  
775. Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd. Taiwan  
776. Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. Taiwan  
777. Welldone Company Taiwan  
779. Advanced Info Service PCL Thailand  
780. Advanced Info Service PCL (ADR) Thailand  
781. Intouch Holdings PCL Thailand  
782. Jasmine Telecom Systems PCL Thailand  
783. Jay Mart PCL Thailand  
784. Samart Corporation PCL Thailand  
785. Samart I-Mobile PCL Thailand  
786. Samart Telcoms PCL Thailand  
787. Thaicom PCL Thailand  
788. Total Access Communication PCL Thailand  
789. Total Access Communication Public Co Ltd Thailand  
790. True Corporation PCL Thailand  
791. TT&T Public Company Limited Thailand  
792. Telekom Atlas On-Line Turkey Plc Turkey  
793. Turk Telekomunikasyon A.S. Turkey  
794. Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. Turkey  
795. Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. (ADR) Turkey  
796. Atlantic Telecom Grp. Plc   UK  
797. Cable and Wireless plc (ADR) UK  
798. COLT Telecom Group plc (ADR) UK  
799. Consolidated Communications Corp. plc UK  
800. Energis PLC UK  
801. Energis PLC (ADR)   UK  
802. Envesta Telecom plc UK  
803. Esprit Telecom Group PLC (ADR) UK  
804. Fibernet Group plc UK  
805. General Cable PLC (ADR)   UK  
806. Glow Communications PLC UK  
807. Host Europe plc UK  
808. IMS Group PLC   UK  
809. iTouch plc UK  
810. Legend Communications plc UK  
811. New ICO UK  
812. O2 plc (USA) UK  
813. Orange plc (ADR) UK  
814. Project Telecom plc UK  
815. Symphony Telecom Holdings Plc UK  
816. TeleCity plc UK  
817. TeleWest Communications plc UK  
818. TTG Europe plc UK  
819. Virgin Mobile Holdings (UK) Plc UK  
820. Ukrtelekom PAT Ukraine  
821. Emirates Integrated Telecomm. Co. PJSC United Arab Emirates  
822. Emirates Telecommunication Corp Ltd United Arab Emirates  
823. Investcom LLC United Arab Emirates  
824. AdEPT Telecom plc United Kingdom  
825. Alternative Networks Plc United Kingdom  
826. AT Communications Group Plc United Kingdom  
827. Avanti Communications Group PLC United Kingdom  
828. AxisMobile PLC United Kingdom  
829. BNS Telecom Group Plc United Kingdom  
830. British Telecommunications plc United Kingdom  
831. Broca Plc. United Kingdom  
832. BT Group plc United Kingdom  
833. BT Group plc (ADR) United Kingdom  
834. Cable and Wireless Communications Plc United Kingdom  
835. Cable&Wireless Worldwide plc United Kingdom  
836. Castleton Technology PLC United Kingdom  
837. China Mobilenet Ltd United Kingdom  
838. Daisy Group PLC United Kingdom  
839. Ecommerce Alliance, Plc. United Kingdom  
840. Finsaga Plc United Kingdom  
841. GMO Limited United Kingdom  
842. Hello Telecom UK Plc United Kingdom  
843. Inmarsat Group Limited United Kingdom  
844. Inmarsat Plc United Kingdom  
845. Inmarsat Ventures Limited United Kingdom  
846. Jazztel PLC United Kingdom  
847. KCOM Group PLC United Kingdom  
848. Keycom Plc United Kingdom  
849. Maintel Holdings plc United Kingdom  
850. mmO2 PLC United Kingdom  
851. Mobile Streams Plc United Kingdom  
852. Mobile Tornado Group Plc United Kingdom  
853. MobiVentures Inc United Kingdom  
854. Newport Networks Group PLC United Kingdom  
855. Ono Finance Plc United Kingdom  
856. PlusNet Plc United Kingdom  
857. SatCom Group Holdings Plc United Kingdom  
858. SIM4Travel Holdings Plc United Kingdom  
859. Spectrum Interactive Plc United Kingdom  
860. Spiritel plc United Kingdom  
861. Talktalk Telecom Group PLC United Kingdom  
862. Technis International Plc United Kingdom  
863. Telecom plus PLC United Kingdom  
864. Telit Communications Plc United Kingdom  
865. Titan Cable plc United Kingdom  
866. Virgin Mobile Holdings (UK) plc United Kingdom  
867. Vodafone Group plc United Kingdom  
868. Vodafone Group Plc (ADR) United Kingdom  
869. Vyke Communications plc United Kingdom  
870. Win Plc United Kingdom  
871. ITC DeltaCom, Inc. United States Alabama
872. Otelco Inc United States Alabama
873. Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc United States Alaska
874. Alaska Communications Systems Hlds, Inc. United States Alaska
875. GCI Inc United States Alaska
876. General Communication, Inc. United States Alaska
877. American Nortel Communic. United States Arizona
878. Telesoft Corp. United States Arizona
879. Alltel Wireless Communications Corporation United States Arkansas
880. Windstream Holdings Inc United States Arkansas
881. Windstream Holdings of the Midwest, Inc United States Arkansas
882. @Road, Inc. United States California
883. 8x8, Inc. United States California
884. Advanced Remote Comm. Solutions, Inc. United States California
885. American Mobile Systems   United States California
886. American Telecom Services, Inc. United States California
887. Aruba Networks, Inc. United States California
888. ASPAC Communications Inc   United States California
889. Authorize.Net Holdings, Inc. United States California
890. CBCom, Inc. United States California
891. CellNet Data Systems   United States California
892. Cezar Industries, Ltd.   United States California
893. Concentric Network Corp.   United States California
894. Concierge Technologies Inc United States California
895. Corsair Communications   United States California
896. Covad Communications Group, Inc. United States California
897. Craig Wireless Systems Ltd. United States California
898. DBS Industries, Inc.   United States California
899. DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. United States California
900. Digital Island, Inc.   United States California
901. Eluxuryhouse Inc United States California
902. Encore Wireless, Inc.   United States California
903. eSat, Inc.   United States California
904. Exodus Communications   United States California
905. Fibertower Corp United States California
906. Fuzebox Software Corp United States California
907. Global Eagle Entertainment Inc United States California
908. Global Telemedia (OLD)   United States California
909. Globalstar Telecommunications Limited United States California
910. Goldstar Global Minerals Corp United States California
911. GoRemote Internet Communications, Inc. United States California
912. Group Long Distance, Inc.   United States California
913. GTC Telecom Corporation United States California
914. Guinness Telli*Phone   United States California
915. iAsiaWorks, Inc.   United States California
916. ICC Worldwide Inc. United States California
917. ICF Corp United States California
918. Incomnet, Inc.   United States California
919. Infinera Corp. United States California
920. Infonet Services Corporation United States California
921. Integrated Commun. Ntwks.   United States California
922. InterMetro Communications Inc United States California
923. J2 Global Inc United States California
924. Leap Wireless International, Inc. United States California
925. Liberty Digital, Inc.   United States California
926. MediaG3 Inc United States California
927. Meru Networks, Inc. United States California
928. Myrient, Inc. United States California
929. NetGear, Inc. United States California
930. Nevo Energy Inc United States California
931. NextG Networks, Inc. United States California
932. NorthPoint Communications United States California
933. oCen Communications   United States California
934. OmniSky Corporation   United States California
935. Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. United States California
936. Pacific Gateway Exchange United States California
937. Pacific Telesis Group United States California
938. Purple Communications, Inc. United States California
939. Quentra Networks, Inc. United States California
940. Ruckus Wireless Inc United States California
941. Seacoast Holding Corporation   United States California
942. Source Photonics, Inc. United States California
943. Standard Mobile Inc. United States California
944. STAR Telecommunications, Inc.   United States California
945. Tal Wireless Networks United States California
946. TechnoConcepts, Inc. United States California
947. Telenav Inc United States California
948. Telynx, Inc. United States California
949. TeraGlobal Communications   United States California
950. Thrifty Tel, Inc.   United States California
951. TotalAxcess.com, Inc.   United States California
952. UAGH Inc. United States California
953. Unilava Corporation. United States California
954. VelocityHSI, Inc.   United States California
955. View Tech, Inc.   United States California
956. VisionGlobal Corporation United States California
957. VitalStream Holdings, Inc. United States California
958. Vodafone Americas Inc. United States California
959. WCT Communications,Inc.   United States California
960. Zhone Technologies Inc United States California
961. ACT Teleconferencing, Inc. United States Colorado
962. American Millennium Corp. United States Colorado
963. Commnet Cellular Inc.   United States Colorado
964. Convergent Communications   United States Colorado
965. Enterprise Software, Inc.   United States Colorado
966. Exactis.com, Inc.   United States Colorado
967. Formus Communications   United States Colorado
968. FutureOne, Inc.   United States Colorado
969. ICG Communications, Inc. United States Colorado
970. Inflow, Inc.   United States Colorado
971. Inforum Communications United States Colorado
972. Internet Commerce & Comm.   United States Colorado
973. Iptimize Inc United States Colorado
974. Kalan Gold Corp. (OLD)   United States Colorado
975. Level 3 Communications, Inc. United States Colorado
976. Liberty Media Corp United States Colorado
977. ONECOMM Corporation   United States Colorado
978. PentaStar Communications   United States Colorado
979. Phoenix Network, Inc.   United States Colorado
980. Polar Molecular Holding Corporation United States Colorado
981. Qwest Communications International Inc. United States Colorado
982. Qwest Communications(OLD) United States Colorado
983. Raindance Communications, Inc. United States Colorado
984. Rhythms NetConnections United States Colorado
985. TCOM Ventures Corp.   United States Colorado
986. TW Telecom Inc United States Colorado
987. U S WEST Inc.   United States Colorado
988. Verado Holdings, Inc.   United States Colorado
989. Verio, Inc. United States Colorado
990. Wildblue Communications United States Colorado
991. World Wireless Communications, Inc. United States Colorado
992. Bal/Rivgam Wireless, Inc.   United States Connecticut
993. Corzon Inc.   United States Connecticut
994. DCI Telecommunications   United States Connecticut
995. DSL.net, Inc. United States Connecticut
996. Electric Lightwave, Inc. United States Connecticut
997. ESNI, Inc.   United States Connecticut
998. Frontier Communications Corp United States Connecticut
999. LecStar Corporation   United States Connecticut
1,000. One IP Voice, Inc. United States Connecticut
1,001. PanAmSat Corporation United States Connecticut
1,002. PanAmSat Corporation(Old) United States Connecticut
1,003. PanAmSat Holding Corp. United States Connecticut
1,004. Pegasus Tel Inc United States Connecticut
1,005. Shared Tech. Cellular Inc   United States Connecticut
1,006. Southern New Eng. Telecom United States Connecticut
1,007. Woodbury Telephone Co.   United States Connecticut
1,008. Umbra Applied Technologies Group Inc United States Delaware
1,009. A+ Network Inc.   United States Florida
1,010. Air Water International Corporation United States Florida
1,011. Airspan Networks Inc United States Florida
1,012. Blueprint Technologies Inc United States Florida
1,013. Brampton Crest International Inc United States Florida
1,014. BusinessMall.com, Inc.   United States Florida
1,015. China Teletech Holding Inc United States Florida
1,016. CIG Wireless Corp United States Florida
1,017. ClearComm, L.P. United States Florida
1,018. Cleartronic Inc United States Florida
1,019. E' Prime Aerospace Corporation United States Florida
1,020. Eagletech Communications   United States Florida
1,021. Edd Helms Group, Inc. United States Florida
1,022. FirstCom Corporation   United States Florida
1,023. Global Signal Inc. United States Florida
1,024. GlobalNet Corporation United States Florida
1,025. Intercallnet, Inc. United States Florida
1,026. Intercontinental Telecom.   United States Florida
1,027. Interlink Global Corporation United States Florida
1,028. Intermedia Communications United States Florida
1,029. InZon Corp United States Florida
1,030. Ironhawk Technologies Inc United States Florida
1,031. Juniper Group Inc United States Florida
1,032. Let's Talk Cell & Wire   United States Florida
1,033. Mastec Inc. United States Florida
1,034. Net Talk.Com, Inc. United States Florida
1,035. Palmer Wireless, Inc.   United States Florida
1,036. PayMeOn Inc United States Florida
1,037. Pegasus Wireless Corp. United States Florida
1,038. People's Telephone Co.   United States Florida
1,039. PNV Inc.   United States Florida
1,040. SBA Communications Corporation United States Florida
1,041. SendTec, Inc. United States Florida
1,042. Syniverse Holdings, Inc. United States Florida
1,043. TelePlus World, Corp. United States Florida
1,044. Terremark Worldwide, Inc. United States Florida
1,045. Tianrong Bldg. Mat. Hldgs   United States Florida
1,046. Tiger Telematics Inc. United States Florida
1,047. TMT Capital Corp United States Florida
1,048. Total World Telecommun.   United States Florida
1,049. TresCom International   United States Florida
1,050. Trinsic, Inc. United States Florida
1,051. TVC Telecom, Inc. United States Florida
1,052. Ursus Telecom Corporation   United States Florida
1,053. Viasource Communications   United States Florida
1,054. World Surveillance Group Inc United States Florida
1,055. AirGate PCS, Inc. United States Georgia
1,056. AT&T Mobility LLC United States Georgia
1,057. BellSouth Corporation United States Georgia
1,058. Cbeyond Inc United States Georgia
1,059. Communications Central   United States Georgia
1,060. Contel Cellular Inc.   United States Georgia
1,061. Cypress Communications   United States Georgia
1,062. HUGHES Telematics, Inc. United States Georgia
1,063. Interact Holdings Group, Inc. United States Georgia
1,064. iPCS, Inc. United States Georgia
1,065. Knology, Inc. United States Georgia
1,066. o2wireless Solutions, Inc   United States Georgia
1,067. Paivis, Corp. United States Georgia
1,068. Powertel, Inc. United States Georgia
1,069. Technology Service Group   United States Georgia
1,070. Telscape Int'l, Inc. United States Georgia
1,071. USCI, Inc.   United States Georgia
1,072. Web.com, Inc. United States Georgia
1,073. Hawaiian Telcom Communications, Inc United States Hawaii
1,074. Hawaiian Telcom HoldCo Inc United States Hawaii
1,075. Aerial Communications Inc   United States Illinois
1,076. ALLTEL Communications Inc. United States Illinois
1,077. Ameritech Corporation United States Illinois
1,078. Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc United States Illinois
1,079. Entertainment Is Us, Inc. United States Illinois
1,080. GlobalNet Inc.   United States Illinois
1,081. iPCS, Inc. United States Illinois
1,082. Propel, Inc.   United States Illinois
1,083. SVI Media, Inc. United States Illinois
1,084. Telecomm Industries Corp.   United States Illinois
1,085. Telephone & Data Systems, Inc. United States Illinois
1,086. United States Cellular Corporation United States Illinois
1,087. USN Communications, Inc.   United States Illinois
1,088. Xstream Mobile Solutions, Inc. United States Illinois
1,089. Breda Telephone Corp. United States Iowa
1,090. Iowa Telecommunications Services, Inc. United States Iowa
1,091. McLeodUSA, Inc. United States Iowa
1,092. Telegroup, Inc.   United States Iowa
1,093. Americonnect, Inc.   United States Kansas
1,094. Embarq Corporation United States Kansas
1,095. Flint Telecom Group, Inc. United States Kansas
1,096. Sprint Communications Inc United States Kansas
1,097. Sprint Corp United States Kansas
1,098. Sprint PCS Group United States Kansas
1,099. CenturyLink, Inc. United States Louisiana
1,100. Globalstar, Inc. United States Louisiana
1,101. Qwest Corporation United States Louisiana
1,102. US Unwired Inc. United States Louisiana
1,103. Carnegie International United States Maryland
1,104. Cidera, Inc.   United States Maryland
1,105. Comsat Corporation United States Maryland
1,106. Hughes Communications Inc. United States Maryland
1,107. Hughes Network Systems, LLC United States Maryland
1,108. Omnipoint Corporation United States Maryland
1,109. Startec Global Communications Corporation United States Maryland
1,110. Stratos Global Corporation United States Maryland
1,111. U.S. Digital Communicat.   United States Maryland
1,112. American Tower Corp United States Massachusetts
1,113. Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. United States Massachusetts
1,114. Aware, Inc. United States Massachusetts
1,115. Boston Communications Group Inc United States Massachusetts
1,116. CO Space, Inc. United States Massachusetts
1,117. Connectivity Technologies   United States Massachusetts
1,118. CTC Communications Group United States Massachusetts
1,119. Genuity, Inc. United States Massachusetts
1,120. iBasis, Inc. United States Massachusetts
1,121. NEON Communications, Inc. United States Massachusetts
1,122. Network Plus Corporation   United States Massachusetts
1,123. Starent Networks Corp. United States Massachusetts
1,124. Vialog Corporation   United States Massachusetts
1,125. Access Power, Inc. United States Michigan
1,126. ALC Communications Corp.   United States Michigan
1,127. Iteknik Holding Corp United States Michigan
1,128. MIDCOM Communications Inc   United States Michigan
1,129. American Paging, Inc.   United States Minnesota
1,130. ChoiceTel Communications, Inc.   United States Minnesota
1,131. Enventis Corp United States Minnesota
1,132. Eschelon Telecom, Inc. United States Minnesota
1,133. Eschelon Telecom, Inc. United States Minnesota
1,134. Hector Communications United States Minnesota
1,135. New Ulm Telecom Inc United States Minnesota
1,136. Rural Cellular Corporation United States Minnesota
1,137. SkyTel Communications United States Mississippi
1,138. Tritel, Inc.   United States Mississippi
1,139. WorldCom Group United States Mississippi
1,140. WorldCom Inc. - MCI Group United States Mississippi
1,141. WorldCom, Inc. United States Mississippi
1,142. Brooks Fiber Properties   United States Missouri
1,143. Touch America Holdings United States Montana
1,144. MFS Communications Co.   United States Nebraska
1,145. Telvent DTN, Inc. United States Nebraska
1,146. DecisionLink, Inc.   United States Nevada
1,147. Desert Springs Acqu. Corp   United States Nevada
1,148. InRob Tech Ltd United States Nevada
1,149. KeyOn Communications Holdings Inc United States Nevada
1,150. Nico Telecom, Inc. United States Nevada
1,151. Resource Asset Management Corp   United States Nevada
1,152. Touch Tone America, Inc.   United States Nevada
1,153. Trans Global Group Inc United States Nevada
1,154. VelaTel Global Communications Inc United States Nevada
1,155. Aquis Communications Group, Inc. United States New Jersey
1,156. Arbinet Corporation United States New Jersey
1,157. AT&T Corp. United States New Jersey
1,158. Cellco Partnership United States New Jersey
1,159. Centennial Communications Corp. United States New Jersey
1,160. Cooperative Holdings, Inc   United States New Jersey
1,161. Deltathree, Inc. United States New Jersey
1,162. Destia Communications   United States New Jersey
1,163. Glowpoint, Inc. United States New Jersey
1,164. IDT Corporation United States New Jersey
1,165. IDT Spectrum, Inc. United States New Jersey
1,166. ITXC Corp. United States New Jersey
1,167. KMC Telecom Holdings, Inc United States New Jersey
1,168. MobileMedia Corp.   United States New Jersey
1,169. Mobilentity, Incorporated   United States New Jersey
1,170. Narrowstep Inc. United States New Jersey
1,171. Net2Phone, Inc. United States New Jersey
1,172. NetMoves Corporation   United States New Jersey
1,173. ORBCOMM Inc United States New Jersey
1,174. Paging Partners Corp.   United States New Jersey
1,175. Teleport Communications   United States New Jersey
1,176. The LuxCel Group Inc.   United States New Jersey
1,177. United States Paging Co.   United States New Jersey
1,178. VDC Communications, Inc.   United States New Jersey
1,179. Verizon New Jersey Inc. United States New Jersey
1,180. Verizon Wireless Inc. United States New Jersey
1,181. Virgin Mobile USA, Inc. United States New Jersey
1,182. Vonage Holdings Corp. United States New Jersey
1,183. Wave2Wave Communications, Inc. United States New Jersey
1,184. Xpedite Systems, Inc.   United States New Jersey
1,185. OmniAmerica, Inc.   United States New Mexico
1,186. 180 Connect Inc. United States New York
1,187. AboveNet, Inc. United States New York
1,188. ACC Corp.   United States New York
1,189. AMNEX, Inc.   United States New York
1,190. AmTec, Inc.   United States New York
1,191. Bell Atlantic Corp.   United States New York
1,192. Broadview Networks Holdings Inc United States New York
1,193. Cellular Commun. of P R   United States New York
1,194. Cellular Communic. Int'l.   United States New York
1,195. Cellular Communications   United States New York
1,196. Choice One Communications Inc. United States New York
1,197. Cordia Corp United States New York
1,198. CoreComm Limited   United States New York
1,199. CSC Holdings LLC United States New York
1,200. DigiTEC 2000, Inc. United States New York
1,201. FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc. United States New York
1,202. Fusion Telecommunications Int'l, Inc. United States New York
1,203. Global Crossing North America, Inc.   United States New York
1,204. Intek Global Corporation   United States New York
1,205. IWO Holdings, Inc. United States New York
1,206. IXnet, Inc. United States New York
1,207. Juma Technology Corp United States New York
1,208. Lexent Inc. United States New York
1,209. LICT Corporation United States New York
1,210. Loral Skynet Corp United States New York
1,211. Mediacom Capital Corporation United States New York
1,212. Mpower Holding Corp. United States New York
1,213. Nationwide Cellular Serv.   United States New York
1,214. Northeast Digital Ntwks.   United States New York
1,215. NYNEX Corporation United States New York
1,216. PaeTec Corp. United States New York
1,217. Paetec Corp. United States New York
1,218. PAETEC Holding Corp. United States New York
1,219. Pervasip Corp United States New York
1,220. PLD Telekom Inc.   United States New York
1,221. Price Communications Corp United States New York
1,222. Pricellular Corp.   United States New York
1,223. Rewards Nexus Inc United States New York
1,224. SeanieMac International Ltd United States New York
1,225. Secured Digital Applications, Inc. United States New York
1,226. Telergy, Inc. United States New York
1,227. The Telx Group Inc United States New York
1,228. TPC Liquidation, Inc. United States New York
1,229. Verizon Communications Inc. United States New York
1,230. Viatel, Inc. United States New York
1,231. Winstar Communications United States New York
1,232. CT Communications, Inc. United States North Carolina
1,233. Equitel, Inc.   United States North Carolina
1,234. FairPoint Communications Inc United States North Carolina
1,235. Madison River Capital, LLC United States North Carolina
1,236. MIG, LLC United States North Carolina
1,237. SpectraSite Inc. United States North Carolina
1,238. Vanguard Cellular Systems   United States North Carolina
1,239. Wolfpack Corporation (Old)   United States North Carolina
1,240. ICTC Group Inc United States North Dakota
1,241. Cincinnati Bell Inc. United States Ohio
1,242. Davel Communications United States Ohio
1,243. First Communications, INC. United States Ohio
1,244. Horizon PCS, Inc. United States Ohio
1,245. PhoneTel Technologies   United States Ohio
1,246. SmarTalk TeleServices United States Ohio
1,247. American Cellular Corporation United States Oklahoma
1,248. Dobson Communications Corporation United States Oklahoma
1,249. WilTel Communications Group, Inc. United States Oklahoma
1,250. FirstLink Communications   United States Oregon
1,251. Integra Telecom, Inc. United States Oregon
1,252. Metro One Telecommunications, Inc United States Oregon
1,253. Nettel Holdings, Inc. United States Oregon
1,254. New World Brands, Inc. United States Oregon
1,255. Adelphia Business Solut. United States Pennsylvania
1,256. Alteva Inc United States Pennsylvania
1,257. ATX Communications, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
1,258. Black Box Corporation United States Pennsylvania
1,259. Capsule Communications   United States Pennsylvania
1,260. Clariti Telecomm.Int.-OLD United States Pennsylvania
1,261. Comcast Corporation United States Pennsylvania
1,262. Commonwealth Telephone Enterprises, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
1,263. Conestoga Enterprises   United States Pennsylvania
1,264. D&E Communications, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
1,265. North Pittsburgh Systems United States Pennsylvania
1,266. Suncom Wireless Holdings, Inc. United States Pennsylvania
1,267. Talk America Holdings Inc United States Pennsylvania
1,268. The Associated Group,Inc.   United States Pennsylvania
1,269. UbiquiTel Inc. United States Pennsylvania
1,270. Verizon Pennsylvania Inc United States Pennsylvania
1,271. Towerstream Corporation United States Rhode Island
1,272. Dial Page, Inc.   United States South Carolina
1,273. Dialpoint Communications Corp United States South Carolina
1,274. NuVox , Inc. United States South Carolina
1,275. TriVergent Corporation   United States South Carolina
1,276. Covista Communications, Inc. United States Tennessee
1,277. Alamosa Holdings, Inc. United States Texas
1,278. Allegiance Telecom, Inc. United States Texas
1,279. Allied Riser Communicat.   United States Texas
1,280. Aly Energy Services Inc United States Texas
1,281. AT&T Inc. United States Texas
1,282. ATX Group, Inc. United States Texas
1,283. Broadcast.com Inc.   United States Texas
1,284. Calypso Wireless, Inc. United States Texas
1,285. CapRock Communications United States Texas
1,286. ClearWorks.net, Inc.   United States Texas
1,287. Competitive Companies, Inc. United States Texas
1,288. Digerati Technologies Inc United States Texas
1,289. DTVN Holdings, Inc. United States Texas
1,290. Eagle Broadband, Inc. United States Texas
1,291. Equalnet Communications   United States Texas
1,292. ERF Wireless, Inc. United States Texas
1,293. Excel Communications   United States Texas
1,294. FlashNet Communications   United States Texas
1,295. Geos Communications Inc United States Texas
1,296. Goodman Networks Inc United States Texas
1,297. GTE Corporation United States Texas
1,298. iBroadband Inc United States Texas
1,299. Intac International Inc. United States Texas
1,300. Intellicall, Inc.   United States Texas
1,301. International Telecharge   United States Texas
1,302. IWL Communications, Inc.   United States Texas
1,303. IXC Communications Inc. United States Texas
1,304. Metro Networks, Inc   United States Texas
1,305. NCM Services Inc. United States Texas
1,306. NTS Inc United States Texas
1,307. Paging Network, Inc.   United States Texas
1,308. Pittencrieff Comm., Inc.   United States Texas
1,309. ProNet, Inc.   United States Texas
1,310. Remote Dynamics Inc United States Texas
1,311. RigNet Inc United States Texas
1,312. SA Telecommunications   United States Texas
1,313. Securus Technologies Inc United States Texas
1,314. Source Media, Inc. United States Texas
1,315. Splitrock Services, Inc.   United States Texas
1,316. SW Innovative Holdings Inc United States Texas
1,317. T-NETIX, Inc. United States Texas
1,318. Teletouch Communications, Inc. United States Texas
1,319. Telscape Int'l, Inc.(OLD)   United States Texas
1,320. USLD Communications Corp   United States Texas
1,321. USOL Holdings Inc   United States Texas
1,322. WebLink Wireless, Inc.   United States Texas
1,323. WQN, Inc. United States Texas
1,324. ATC II, Inc.   United States Utah
1,325. Ethika Corp   United States Utah
1,326. Fonix Corporation United States Utah
1,327. InvestAmerica, Inc.   United States Utah
1,328. LYFE Communications, Inc. United States Utah
1,329. NACT Telecommunications   United States Utah
1,330. National Properties Trust United States Utah
1,331. Q Comm International, Inc. United States Utah
1,332. Surpha, Inc. United States Utah
1,333. Advanced Comm. Systems   United States Virginia
1,334. e.spire Communications   United States Virginia
1,335. ePHONE Telecom, Inc. United States Virginia
1,336. First Avenue Networks United States Virginia
1,337. Global TeleSystems, Inc.   United States Virginia
1,338. GTT Communications Inc United States Virginia
1,339. HC2 Holdings Inc United States Virginia
1,340. Iridium Communications Inc. United States Virginia
1,341. LCC International, Inc. United States Virginia
1,342. LCI International, Inc. United States Virginia
1,343. Lumos Networks Corp United States Virginia
1,344. MCI Inc United States Virginia
1,345. Metrocall Holdings, Inc. United States Virginia
1,346. Net2000 Communications   United States Virginia
1,347. Network Access Solutions   United States Virginia
1,348. Network Long Distance   United States Virginia
1,349. Neustar Inc United States Virginia
1,350. Nextel Communications, Inc. United States Virginia
1,351. NII Holdings Inc United States Virginia
1,352. NTELOS Holdings Corp United States Virginia
1,353. NTELOS Inc. United States Virginia
1,354. RCN Telecom Services, LLC United States Virginia
1,355. Shenandoah Telecommunications Company United States Virginia
1,356. SkyTerra Communications, Inc. United States Virginia
1,357. Spok Holdings Inc United States Virginia
1,358. StarBand Communications   United States Virginia
1,359. Telco Communications   United States Virginia
1,360. TeleCorp PCS, Inc. United States Virginia
1,361. Teligent, Inc. United States Virginia
1,362. TerreStar Corp United States Virginia
1,363. TNS, Inc. United States Virginia
1,364. Wireless Matrix Corporation United States Virginia
1,365. XO Holdings Inc. United States Virginia
1,366. Clearwire Corporation United States Washington
1,367. DataJack Inc United States Washington
1,368. Global Mobiletech Inc United States Washington
1,369. GST Telecommunications United States Washington
1,370. Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp.   United States Washington
1,371. Illuminet Holdings, Inc.   United States Washington
1,372. NetMotion Wireless Inc United States Washington
1,373. New Cingular Wireless Services, Inc. United States Washington
1,374. Nextel Partners, Inc. United States Washington
1,375. Pacific Telecom, Inc.   United States Washington
1,376. Saratoga International Holdings Corp   United States Washington
1,377. Suncom Wireless, Inc. United States Washington
1,378. T-Mobile Us Inc United States Washington
1,379. T-Mobile USA, Inc. United States Washington
1,380. Unity Wireless Corporation United States Washington
1,381. UStel Inc.   United States Washington
1,382. Western Wireless Corporation United States Washington
1,383. AT & T Latin America Corp. United States Washington D.C.
1,384. eGlobe, Inc.   United States Washington D.C.
1,385. InPhonic, Inc. United States Washington D.C.
1,386. Intelsat Corporation United States Washington D.C.
1,387. MCI Communications Corp. United States Washington D.C.
1,388. China Wi-Max Communications, Inc. United States Wisconsin
1,389. Chorus Communic. Grp. Ltd   United States Wisconsin
1,390. Mid-Plains, Inc.   United States Wisconsin
1,391. C.A. Nac. Telefonos de Venezuela (ADR) Venezuela  
1,392. C.A. Nac. Telefonos de Venezuela CANTV Venezuela  
1,393. Electronics Communctns Tech Inv Dev Corp Vietnam  
1,394. Emerging Communications Virgin Islands  
1,395. Airtel Networks Zambia PLC Zambia  
1,396. Celsys Limited Zimbabwe  
1,397. Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Ltd Zimbabwe  


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