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Case Studies

Typical Bankruptcy Filings

The PDF files below present case studies of typical bankruptcy filings by public companies, selected because these firms were of interest to our clients. In nearly every case, a low Altman Z'' score gave our subscribers very early warning that trouble was brewing, usually more than a year in advance. As time went on, most companies showed continuing decline evident from the content of the news alerts that we sent to our subscribers (resignations, asset sales, "going concern" opinions, late SEC filings, etc.), and from the deterioration of their financial results. Typically in these examples, a sharp decline in CreditRiskMonitor's proprietary FRISK® score to a very risky rating of 4 or below occurred 3-9 months before the company filed for bankruptcy protection.  

Sorted By:
CompanyFiling Date
Cal Dive International, Inc.3/3/2015
Cache, Inc.2/4/2015
Wet Seal, Inc.1/15/2015
dELiA*s, Inc.12/7/2014
Dendreon Corporation11/10/2014
KiOR, Inc.11/9/2014
NII Holdings, Inc.9/15/2014
Eagle Bulk Shipping, Inc.8/6/2014
Ambient Corporation7/28/2014
GSE Holding, Inc5/4/2014
Coldwater Creek, Inc.4/11/2014
James River Coal Company4/7/2014
Global Geophysical Services, Inc.3/25/2014
The Dolan Company3/23/2014
Orchard Supply Hardware Stores Corp.6/17/2013
Exide Technologies6/10/2013
CPI Corp.5/1/2013
Geokinetics Inc.3/10/2013
Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc.11/14/2012
A123 Systems, Inc.10/16/2012
Bakers Footwear Group10/3/2012
Eastman Kodak Company1/19/2012
Evergreen Solar, Inc.8/15/2011
The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company12/12/2010
U.S. Concrete, Inc.4/29/2010
Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc.2/17/2009
Spectrum Brands, Inc.2/3/2009
Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation1/26/2009
Hartmarx Corporation1/23/2009
Tronox, Inc.1/12/2009
Constar International, Inc.12/30/2008
Pilgrim's Pride Corporation12/1/2008
LandAmerica Financial Group11/26/2008
Lenox Group, Inc.11/23/2008
Circuit City Stores, Inc.11/10/2008
Washington Mutual, Inc.9/26/2008
Ascendia Brands, Inc.8/5/2008
Portola Packaging, Inc.8/5/2008
Ziff Davis Holdings, Inc.3/5/2008
Sharper Image Corp.2/19/2008
SIRVA, Inc.2/5/2008
Buffets Holdings, Inc.1/22/2008
Quebecor World, Inc.1/21/2008
Propex, Inc.1/18/2008
AMS Health Sciences, Inc.12/27/2007
Eagle Broadband, Inc.11/14/2007
InPhonic, Inc.11/8/2007
Movie Gallery, Inc.10/16/2007
Kittyhawk, Inc.10/15/2007

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free. Click here to download and install the latest version. All PDFs open in a separate window.  

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